Ready to put this month behind me!!

I am SOOO ready for October to be over!  October was not an easy month for me.  It really was bad from beginning to end, and I am ready for November to come in and push all of that negativity away!

The month of October:

– A friend of mine lost her 6 year old son, who died during his sleep. Cruel, unbelievable, and tragic.

– My blogging partnership ended due to an unresolved disagreement.  No one of us is to blame.  It was both of us. It happened and it wasn’t fun. (By the way if you have any questions about details, email me or inbox me on Facebook) I am not airing my dirty laundry!  🙂

– Because of stress I got SICK!! I don’t normally get sick, but I did and it was ugly.

-Oh and also from stress I broke out rather badly.  For most folks breaking out is not fun, but remember I make my living as a Skin Care Specialist for a well known Dermatologist.  Breaking out for me is like Paul Michell’s Assistant having a super bad hair day for a week.  NOT good for business.

– My purse was stolen.  Not good.  And the stolen purse led to other complications.  Hopefully that will be resolved soon.

– Today I woke up with Pink eye in my left eye.  It is resolving now, and I can only hope that it is last remnants of October and things will turn around tomorrow.

And now that it is November I am entering my 3rd year of participating in NaBloPoMo.  Or National Blog Posting Month. I am so excited.  I have been blogging on my own again for about two weeks and participating in NaBloPoMo will get me back up writing every day!

And with that I move into November and Day one is done.  YAY!!!

One thought on “Ready to put this month behind me!!

  1. Yes October was a bad month I am thankful it is over Let us move forward to November and Thanksgiving with friends and family and then on to Christmas!!!

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