Silent Saturday Barbados

I need to write a post about our amazing trip to Barbados over the summer.  However, I have been gone all day today and need to get some baking done for a bake sale at church tomorrow.  So instead I will post some images from our vacation, and will give a more well rounded post another day!  Enjoy!

Pool at the villa where we stayed.
Back of the villa

View of the Caribbean Sea from upstairs at the villa. The sea was at the bottom of a STEEP hill!
Flamboyant tree across the street from our villa.
Barbados Atlantic coast view from Cherry Hill.


The Genius looking for shells in the Caribbean Sea
Joe Cool walking along the beach

One thought on “Silent Saturday Barbados

  1. Nope no Sharks ate her she came back home and is still here doing her thing. The pictures were beautiful so was the Whahoo they caught..

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