Election night at my house

It was actually a pretty boring event. Bluebell went to bed at 9:30. The Genius went to bed at 9:00 and The Hunter and Joe Cool went to bed at 10:00.  I sat in my armchair and willed myself to stay awake to watch the results.  I was trying so hard to stay awake that I kept switching channels, just to give me something to do.

I watched, and flipped channels and snoozed.  It was a cyclic thing. Then just as I was about to give up for good and go upstairs to bed, IT HAPPENED!  I heard the announcer say, “The President has won Ohio. It is all over folks.”  And just like that President Obama became President Obama for 4 more years.

I must admit I was happy.  My mother was not.  She has been very nice and has not bombarded me with anti Obama rhetoric.  Every now and then she sends me an email with a tidbit or two in there. I always read the emails, and the articles she sends me.  I don’t mind.  I can always learn something.  🙂

I am nervous about the economy, and I am worried about the fiscal cliff.  I really hope President Obama can take us through this turmoil and out the other side.  I know it is an uphill battle, but I am confident we Americans can do it!  I truly believed the economy would work itself out either way.

However, I am glad President Obama won because I believe we need Obamacare (which was originally Romneycare).  I believe we need Nationalized health care.  I have worked in the medical field for almost 30 years.  It is broken.  Obamacare doesn’t fix it completely, but it is a step in the right direction.  I believe it is okay to tax the wealthy a little more. Let’s see if that actually happens.  But more than that I have a President who believes in the education of my kids, and who is okay with who I want to marry.  A President who ended Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. I am happy.

I was absolutely THRILLED that Maine, and Maryland and Washington voted to allow same sex couples to have marriage rights!  WOOT!!!  And if you wanna have some extra fun on your honeymoon, just head over to Colorado or Washington where you can score some weed…..legally!!  That is SMART.  Of course they are going to tax the heck out of it.  Colorado will use the money for schools, and Washington will use it for health care.  And hey, while you are at it, they should put a “munchie tax” on snack foods…..the money will be pouring in!!!  Seriously, I have thought we should legalize Marijuana for years.  That is a great way to gain some revenue….tax it and let people have it!!

I am looking forward to where we go as a nation from here.  Let’s work together.  And move this country Forward!!


One thought on “Election night at my house

  1. You summed it up completely for me! I am also thankful our dear Prez is worried about the state of our environment and fully in support of Lady Obama and her initiative to reach out to our children and educate them on the importance of different food! I, humbly, am glad for another 4 years!

    1. Thanks Babs! I know there are many people who are unhappy with the results of the election. But what is done is done. Time to put on the big kid panties and work to get things done!

    1. Madge, I just really hope that people who are so adamantly against the President can now rally around and get the job done.

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