Wordless weekend!

I am just going to post some random pictures I found while looking at my hard drive today.  🙂

Bluebell on the flight deck with a MH-53 in the background. I think this is on the USS Ponce during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Bluebell being capped to First Class. For you who don’t know what “capped” means, it is when someone is meritoriously promoted by their Commanding Officer. It is a BIG deal!!
Me working hard at my desk at HM-14
One of the helicopters from HM-14


Bluebell signing her final reenlistment. Me in the background!



One thought on “Wordless weekend!

  1. Yes, the first picture is on the USS Ponce off the coast of Iraq were in a Sand Storm as you can see in the background all the sand on the flight deck. I gave the Idea of the horse head in the American Flag for the Patch and I have an original Patch from Det II I helped design the patch me and another First Class. Those were the best years of my Naval Career at HM-14!!!

    1. I have to say that HM-14 was my favorite command during my 20 years as well. However, I was so fortunate because really ALL of my commands were good. I had an amazing career in the United States Navy!!

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