Unexcused school absence

Do you have kids who go to school?  Don’t you hate when they have unexcused absences?  I do!!  Especially when they were given a note by me to give to the Office to excuse them.  Actually only one of my children does not turn in excuse notes…..my 15 year old, Joe Cool!  I check as he is walking out the door to go to school in the morning:

Me:  “Do you have the note to give to the lady in the office?”

Joe:  “Yes, mom.”

Me:  “Are you SURE you have the note?”

Eye roll, sigh, then “Yes, mom I am sure I have the note.”

Three hours later I get an email alert that the kid has an unexcused absence from school the previous day….

The conversation continues when he gets home from school:

Me:  “I got an email that you had an unexcused absence.”

Joe:  “It’s ok mom”

Me:  “Did you take the note to the office?”

Joe:  “No, I forgot.”

Me:  “Yeah, I figured that when I saw the note I wrote for you laying on your bed.”  Then I roll my eyes and sigh.

Hey, two can play that game…..

The next morning we have more of the same.

Me:  “Do you have the note today, son?”

Joe:  “Yes mom”

Me:  “Really????  Show it to me.”

Joe: As he is hugging me goodbye….(suckup)…. “Can’t mom, no time. I will miss the bus.  I know you don’t want to drive me to school.  Bye.”

I just can’t figure out why the kid won’t take the note to the office.  I have my theories, but I suppose I will never know for sure….

I am just really glad that he didn’t get so many that he had a Saturday detention. Because then I would have had to drive him and pick him up!!

One thought on “Unexcused school absence

  1. No he would have had to walk and get himself there and back. It would be his fault for not turning in the note. After walking or taking the bus (which he has to pay for) the note will get there next time.

    1. Madge, I do charge them if I have to drive them to school. They cannot walk
      unfortunately because the high school is a 15 minute drive…with no
      traffic. I charge them $5.00. For gas and my time.

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