Christmas Mayhem

What is it about this time of year? Why does it seem as though life becomes a whirlwind and our brains leave us temporarily? Please tell me I am not the only one who experiences this phenomenon. It seems as though as soon as daylight savings time hits, the days aren’t really 24 hours anymore, but only 15 or so. It feels as though instead of giving my kids sunlight at the bus stop in the morning, daylight savings time really just takes away some hours of my day.
Just the other day I was leaving class at 5:00 and I walked out and said (out loud unfortunately), “Oh, wow, it’s dark already.” When I went to school earlier that afternoon it was a bright sunny day. When I walked out just a few hours later it was dark. I felt as if seven hours had passed instead of only two!

So the days are shorter, the nights longer, but it seems like it is 8:00pm when it is only 6:00pm. Thank goodness Solstice is right around the corner so the days can start becoming longer again!!

Just to make matters worse, not only does it feel as though I have lost hours to my day where I could be being productive, driving anywhere during the holiday season takes twice as long! And if your business takes you anywhere near a shopping center you better just forget it buddy! You will be in long lines at lights forever. And while I am on this subject of driving, does anyone else feel as though people drive worse during the holidays? It is as if something takes over, and they forget ALL of the common sense or even common courtesy rules of driving. I am a defensive driver anyway, but boy howdy, during the holidays I feel as though I should be wearing a helmet and protective clothing inside my car! I have never figured that out. It is as if they are afraid if they don’t run the red light and get to the mall 30 seconds faster the good parking spot will be gone, or the item they are shopping for will suddenly disappear off the shelf.

For the past 4 years, I have sent my boys to their dad’s house for Christmas every year. I take them out of school the day school vacation starts and we travel to their dad’s during working hours. Their father lives three hours from us, so we meet halfway. We usually meet for the “trade off” around lunchtime so neither of us has to deal with rush hour traffic in the morning or evening. Since they visit their dad a few days before Christmas and stay until a couple of days after, I can just stay in and not drive much immediately preceding Christmas when all of the last minute shoppers are making a mad dash or the revelers are going to or coming from a party. I feel safer that way. Plus, since I don’t have to buy their presents until after Christmas, I get candy ½ price, and believe it or not the prices of many things go down the day after Christmas.

Our house does NOT look like this

But not this year.  NOOOO.  This year my boys want to go to their Dad’s house for New Year’s instead.  So I have to have all of my Christmas shopping done by Christmas Eve.  Candy, presents, the whole shebang.  AND I have to have everything wrapped Christmas Eve!  I am just not up for these early deadlines.  That is an entire week early for me.  I told the boys since they messed with my normal holiday flow, they only get ½ the amount of candy since I have to pay full price.

Hey don’t judge!  I have to have some standards.  To be honest, my boys always have a nice Christmas.  Bluebell and I do our best to get them some nice things without going overboard.  We have some traditions such as Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast, and ham and homemade yeast rolls for dinner.  Other than that we just hang out and enjoy time with family!

One thought on “Christmas Mayhem

  1. Great post. And I see the same driving patterns here in LA. Also, craziness of people. Is candy a big deal in your family???

    1. Madge, it kind of is. Only because we NEVER let them have candy. If I buy my kids a candy bar it is a HUGE deal. They are like, THANK YOU Mom!!! Of course I will put candy in their stockings, but I love to give them a hard time.. LOL

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