An open letter to the Mothers of Sandy Hook

Dear Mothers of Sandy Hook,

I am speaking for myself and all of my friends who are mothers. In fact, I am pretty sure I am speaking for the entire country. Women who are mothers. Women who are grieving with you. Women who are so incredibly sorry for your loss. There are no words. There is nothing we can say to help ease your pain.

From those of us who have lost children we understand and want you to know that you will never completely stop grieving, but time, LOTS of time does help ease the stabbing incredibly sharp pain of it all.

From those of us who have not lost a child, that is our one biggest fear in life.  That something will happen to one of our children and we will never quite be the same.  From us we send our support, tears and hugs.

Every mother in America has a broken heart with you and our souls ache for you and for your loss.  The senselessness of someone taking the lives of babies.  These children were babies, many of them still wearing the chubbiness of toddler-hood.  Many of them just losing their first teeth.  Just learning to read and write.  Babies.

We want to wrap our comforting Mother arms around you and hold you until the stream of tears lessens just enough for us to tell you we love you and we will do what we can.  But we know the tears will come again.

They will come on birthdays, and holidays, and anniversaries.  They will come when you look into the backyard at the swing set, or sandbox.  When the snow comes and you think of sledding and snowmen and hot chocolate.  When the summer comes and you think of days at the beach or the pool, or the sprinklers. When you look at pictures or videos.  When you see their favorite book, or hear heir favorite song.

We know the tears will come.  And when they do, know that somewhere in America, another mother is shedding tears with you.  When we think about this event, or see it on the television, or hear about it on the radio.  We shed our tears with you.

We love you and we hold you in our arms, and grieve with you.

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