Questions I would like answers to

I don’t know about anyone else, but I can only assume that people have the same thoughts run through their heads that run through mine.  And if not, please let me keep my fantasy that I am a normal person and don’t let me know how strange I truly am.  Thanks!

So for this Friday afternoon, end of a crazy week, these are my top 10 “Things that make me go hmmmmm” questions for today:

1) Have you ever been driving down the road (usually the highway for me) and see a car that looks as if there is no driver?  Then when they pass you (or vice versa) you realize it is because the driver is LAYING DOWN to drive?  Seriously, how can they see where they are going?

2.)  Why oh why do young men wear their pants around their thighs to show their boxers???  That just makes me crazy!!

3.)  Do you ever see someone and wonder if they even looked in the mirror prior to going out in public?  I admit I am no Bo Derek, but seriously what was this lady thinking??

4.) While driving down the road, you know the person who waits until the  very last minute to merge (even though they have seen the sign to merge  for 1 mile), and then barely misses hitting your vehicle?  Did you ever wonder where and how they got their license???

5) Why is it the minute I get home from a long day as I walk into the house one of my kids will say, “Mom, I need a (Insert any school item) for a project that is due tomorrow.  REALLY??

6) Have you ever wondered about the parents of the bratty kids?  Do they KNOW their kids are brats?  Are they oblivious or do they just not care?  You know the kids I am talking about.  I actually saw a kid yesterday standing by a water fountain with a cup saying to people as they walked by, “You wet your pants.” and splashing them with water.  You have got to be freaking kidding me!!  Where were her parent(s)???

7)  Barking dogs…….sigh.  My next-door neighbor has two little chihuahuas.  Yes they are cute, but they bark day and night.  The dogs are outside a LOT and they bark and bark and bark………REALLY?  My dog barks too, but I put him in when he barks so he doesn’t disturb the neighbors.  Can’t you hear your dogs barking, or do you just not care???

8) The weather has been nice a few days this week.  I like to drive with my windows down and/or my sunroof open.  However, I DO NOT want to hear you rap music in my car while I am driving. Do you need to blast the rap and turn the bass up so loud my ears throb??  Really?  Enjoy your music, but keep it to yourself please!!!  Does anyone else feel this way???

9)  Why oh why do people eat the food at the grocery store before they buy it?  I understand if your kid is starving and crying and you forgot to pack a snack.  I even am okay with you getting a box of crackers and opening them before you pay for them. You pay for the whole box anyway.  But have you ever seen the people who get a bag of grapes and eat them while they are shopping?  Or let their kid eat them while shopping?  Ummmm, you pay for those by the pound people.  If you eat 1/2 of them while you are shopping that means you just stole that fruit.  Unless of course you are planning on having your kid upchuck them so they can be weighed….. of course then they will cost more because of the liquid weight of their entire stomach contents….but you know what they say…..buyer beware……

I really don’t have a 10th question, so I want you all to insert your own question here and comment with it.  Then I can find out about the things that tick you off and how to answer those questions we all want to ask, but never do….

One thought on “Questions I would like answers to

  1. I cant stand it when they wear their pants to their thighs I want to soooo tell them that they have a nice wet dark brown spot they are showing from a case of bad food??? it drives me NUTSSSS!!!

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