My new addiction: Hausenware Swirl Dishes

We eat.

My 17 year old son Zachary eats …….A LOT!

We use dishes to eat.

I have nice dishes.

I have pretty cream and green Longaberger dishes. They are nice.  Here is a picture of a plate so you can see the pattern.

Yes, they are pretty.  But they are old. My mother gave me those over 15 years ago, and I am in the market for new dishes.  I looked and looked, and thought about fiesta ware. It is all the rage with many of my friends.  But it just didn’t “click” for me.

Then one day I was at Ross and I saw these dishes:

swirl plate


swirl mug



swirlbowl swirl bowl

Look how pretty!!

When I saw the gorgeous vibrant colors I was hooked!!  It didn’t hurt that they were only $1.50 each…..

I went back to the Ross store and looked for more dishes.  My idea was I would get whatever colors I liked, and just have a colorful cabinet of dishes. But, every time I went back to look, there were no new dishes.  So I did some internet research, and found a Facebook page!

There is a Facebook page for EVERYTHING!!!!

On that page I found other swirl “addicts”.  I learned that these dishes are only sold in Ross stores, or online.

Thus began my Hausenware swirl search.  EVERY Ross store I could find in the Hampton Roads area became my target, and every time I went to one I came up empty!  We even checked out a Ross store in DC when we went there to visit. Nada, zip, zilch!

Then came the dreaded news on the Facebook page.  Someone posted:  “Spoke with rep from Hausenware this morning…Ross has decided not to continue purchasing and selling Hausenware…so whatever is left will be the end of supply for Ross stores”

AHHHHH  the horror!!!  JUST as I decide I MUST HAVE these dishes they are no longer available??  Well, that about sums up my luck!

I also looked for them on E Bay and VOILA!!  Also,  not only do they have the regular dishes there, but they also have pretty things like creamers, and serving dishes…E Bay is an AWESOME place to get these gorgeous Hausenware Swirl dishes!! has them too, but also there they are very expensive.

Then Christmas came around.  Karol NEVER listens to me when I say not to spend too much money on me at Christmas, and  and I am so glad in this case that she tuned me out when I said , “Please don’t ever purchase me household things for Christmas, my birthday or Mother’s Day.”  Because look what she bought me:


This was Christmas 2011!  What a wonderful surprise.

However, you know that was over a year ago.  These dishes have become chipped.  (I no longer allow my kids to empty or fill the dishwasher), and I needed more.  So I went to Ebay, and found someone selling her dishes.

I had purchased some other dark blue dishes from the FB page, but the seller did not pack them well at all, and they arrived in pieces!  Of course I did not get all of my money back.  That was an awful experience.  However, the E Bay seller took them to the UPS store to have them professionally packed.  I was happy to pay the extra cost so my dishes did not arrives in pieces this time!

So I suppose my dish addiction could be like the “boys and their toys” addictions.

AND now that I have 15 dinner plates and 15 salad plates as well as 16 bowls and 8 mugs I would say I am good to go!

Now that being said, I am definitely NOT out of the market for these dishes.  They are easily chipped, so I am always on the lookout for new ones.  So I will always be willing to have any of my readers help me!

I am willing to pay a fair price for the dishes, for shipping, maybe even a finders fee………(we can work something out)…  if you are local a FREE skin care procedure could DEFINITELY be worked out.  If you are not local, come visit me, I can hook you up!!!

These dishes are sold at Ross, Kroger and Fred Meyer, and E Bay.  HELP ME FIND MY DISHES!  It could be like a where is Waldo thing except this will be “Where is the swirl?”

The proper name for them is Hausenware Swirl dishes. or Hausenware Twist.


One thought on “My new addiction: Hausenware Swirl Dishes

  1. Hi carol, Im looking for a teal swirl salad plate, in perfect condition. Do you have any tips??? I broke one out of my sisters set and Im desperate.

  2. Wanting information on where to go to find these beautiful dishes in Spokane WA. Wanting to do my kitchen in robin’s egg blue. 🙂

  3. I got 2 purple hausenware mugs from my brother, which had been left by one of his old roommates. Anyways, I have broken one and desperately searching for more of these purple mugs. I cannot even find any pictures of this beautiful purple mugs. Any help would be great! Thanks!


  4. I too am addicted to these dishes I have two green mugs. And just found a ton of purple dishes on offer up which includes 9 dinner plates 7 salad plates and 8 mugs all for $40! Im very excited to pick these up today!

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