Apparently I am a “Nuisance Mom”

The Genius decided he wanted to work in the Nursery at church this morning, and Joe Cool wanted to go to Teen Group to get ready for the annual Teen Service.  So I decided to take them and wait for Joe Cool to finish class, then he and I would go to the local Starbucks to wait for The Genius to be done working so we could pick him up and head home.

On the way to Coffee Heaven (aka Starbucks), I said, “Oh, maybe I will have time to write a blog post.”

Joe Cool was all, “that’s cool mom.”

I said, “What should I write about?”

Now while we were driving to Starbucks and I was trying to talk to Joe Cool he was listening to music on his phone.  So I would tap his knee so he could remove his headphones and listen to me.  So when I asked what I should write about, he said (a little too quickly I might add), “Why don’t you write about what a nuisance you are when you keep trying to talk to me when I am listening to my music?”

I was a little annoyed at first, and then decided this could be an opportunity for me to find out what I do that annoys him, so I could either:

1) not do it as much, or

2) use it to push buttons….  (hey, you would not BELIEVE all the ways this kid pushes mine, it is good for me to teach him how to handle annoyances in a positive way) That is my story and I am sticking to it.

So according to Joe Cool these are the ways I am a nuisance:

1) Bugging him when he is trying to listen to music by touching him or getting his attention in some other way and stopping him from his listening pleasure.


2) When he is playing Black Ops on the PS3 I will sometimes call him to come talk to me about “unimportant things” (his words).  Of course yesterday it was to talk about our vacation Spring Break, and to discuss school work.  But to him this is unimportant apparently.  He said I should come to him to talk instead of making him come to me.  HA HA he is a funny kid.

black ops

3) I am a nuisance when I talk to him about girls.  Saturday night the kid went to a movie with two girls.  One a sophomore and one a senior.  The Senior drove him.  He was annoyed that I wanted to meet the girls.  Um Hello???  I need to meet and lay eyes upon the person who is driving him around. Oh, and I need to know her name also.  I do not think that is overboard.  Inviting myself along is overboard.  However, when I asked him if he was “talking” to either of these girls (the new term for liking someone), he became annoyed with me for asking.  I had never heard of either of these girls before, of course I am going to ask if he is “talking” to one of them.  ESPECIALLY since one is a senior and too old for my almost 16 year old.  (Is that old fashioned???)

4) BIG problem for him: I won’t let him play PS3 during the school week.  That is a HUGE annoyance for him.  This is from the kid who has a D in Geometry due to low grades on quizzes and tests.  This is also coming from the kid who has missing assignments in almost every class.  DUH no PS3 during the week.  If he can’t manage to get good grades with NO distractions except TV and his guitar, how much worse will it get if he was jumping on the PS3 after school and getting lost in his Black Ops world??

5)  Making him clean his room annoys him. Let me remind you what his room usually looks like:


Um, yes I want that cleaned.

That was all he was willing to tell me, because he really wanted to drink his drink and listen to his music.

zack drink1

So you tell me, am I really annoying, or just being a proper mom??


One thought on “Apparently I am a “Nuisance Mom”

  1. In my opinion you are TOO easy on him, but I have been refered to as “The Hard-Ass” by the fruit of my loins so maybe you are at just the right level of annoyance. Raising these chillrenz ain’t easy! That’s Fo’Shure!

    1. I hear ya Mike! I gauge my “hard assness” on the infraction. The messy room I can live with. Grades are a BIG deal. That is his future!!! You are right about raisin’ chillenz. Tis tough!!!

  2. Silly teenagers, when will they learn that its like a side job to be a ‘nuisance parent’ (using his words)

    1. Thanks Val! You may be only 19, but you are a very mature young woman! One I am proud to say is my friend!! I will say that since I have Joe Cool’s FB password, I did check out the driver. NO hootchie mama photos, in the Beta Club at school, and seems like a nice girl! 🙂

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