Thankful today for many things!

I am not one who is good at keeping a thankful journal.  I forget to keep up with it, or I skip a day, or I get caught up in:




grocery shopping


World of Warcraft


watching TV

cleaning house

doing laundry

Any of those things can distract me enough so I forget to do things.  I have a bit of ADD and am easily distracted.  My kids know this about me and will actually distract me on purpose.  Especially if we are talking about chores, homework or grades.


So today I want to at least address some things I am thankful for.  And to be honest of course I am thankful for the big things like: my health, my kids being healthy, my family, love in my life, my amazing friends, etc.  But to be honest there are many things I am grateful for that are small and mundane yet they make my life better.

Things like:


SO French vanilla coconut milk coffee creamer

my teenagers will still willingly give me hugs.  I don’t have to ask for them. (I do however have to ask for a kiss on the cheek)

home grown vegetables and herbs

my animals

that I have all of my senses and they still function well

that Karol cleans the litter boxes so I don’t have to (that is actually a big one)

There are many more things I am grateful for, but I would love to hear some things you are grateful for.  Make a comment and let me know what makes your heart thankful!



One thought on “Thankful today for many things!

  1. I am thankful for the quiet times I have in my life, it helps my sanity. I am thankful for my job/business. I am thankful for Deb and John who I work with, we are a great team.

    1. Louise, I am so happy you have quiet moments in your life. I try to savor the quiet times I get because they are few and far between! I am so glad you work with a good team. Then work is fun and not tedious!

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