Dealing with difficulty builds character… Right????

I haven’t blogged about the kids in a while.  Heck I haven’t blogged about anything in awhile.  However, since the last “family” blog I wrote there has been many changes in my household. The oldest child and second child (Karol’s brood) have moved out and are currently on their own.  We cross our fingers for the oldest as she seems to make the most not so smart decisions, and we always hope and pray that she can keep a job and take car of herself.  She always seems to manage one way or another, but it is a constant worry.

The Hunter moved out of state to live with his dad.  He seems to be doing well, and we are confident he will be just fine. He has a job, and is paying his bills, and we are happy he is finding his way.

Joe Cool is ending his junior year in high school, and he has been struggling some academically. Not because the work is too difficult, but because he is being lazy and not doing his work.  Not turning it in.  I have written before about this lazy streak he gets into.  It seems as though it is every year in the last three months of school.  It is as if he has decided he is done with school, even though there is still schoolwork to do.  Any advice on how to deal with this would be great, by the way!  In the meantime when this happens we just fight, and then he becomes sullen because I have to punish him, and it is a vicious cycle.  Sigh.

The Genius is doing well. Academically he is hanging in there with a 3.5 GPA, but he has been sick lately.  Not feeling well, and just super tired.  I did have him tested for mono, and it was negative thank goodness, but I hate seeing him not feeling well.

This has been kind of a “newsy” post to catch y’all up on the family.  So I want to leave you with a funny text conversation I had with the genius last week. Karol and I went out of town, and we were coming home on Monday.  I had someone staying here with the kids, but I was checking in with them pretty regularly. The kids were having SOL (Standards of Learning) testing which is Virginia’s for of standardized testing, and so the classes after testing were shortened.  The Genius, didn’t want to go to school because he didn’t have an SOL test on Monday, and this is the conversation we had via text about that:

Me: Hey honey, what SOL do you have tomorrow?

Genius: None, so can I stay home?  I have Art on Tuesday so I can finish my painting then.

Me: No. Go to school.

Genius:  Mom, come on, please

Me: No, you stayed home Friday because you were sick.  You need to go to school tomorrow.

Genius: Mom, please, I don’t want to be stuck in English for three hours or more if we are just going to be reading Romeo and Juliet and watching the dumb movie.

Me: Romeo and Juliet is a classic, you need to know it.  Go to school.

Genius: I feel sick anyway, I think it was what I ate for dinner.

Me: Go to sleep!


Me: Hey, you up?

Genius: Yes, but I am not happy about it.

Me:  It’s ok, dealing with unhappy situations builds character.

Genius: Not for three or four hours!  I’ll kill myself. I really do not want to deal with Mrs. ##### today.  I can’t take her.

Me: In order to be a successful adult you will need to know how to deal with difficult situations.  I am providing you that opportunity to learn how to overcome by forcing you to deal with someone you don’t want to deal with.  I am a great mom. 🙂

Genius:  Ya, you are disappointing me alright.

Me: See, I am giving you life skills.  Successful parenting day all around!

Genius: And I still feel sick, and my contact is bugging me, and I couldn’t take a shower cause I thought I was gonna puke.

Me:  You will be fine.

Genius:  When are you getting home?

Me:  Probably late afternoon.

Genius:  Mooooooom nooooooooo.  How are you supposed to get me from school early????

Me:  Ummmm, I never said I was getting you from school early.  Go to school.  Stay in school ALL day. It builds character.

Genius: My life legitimately sucks.

Me:  Good, that builds character too.

Genius:  You know what else builds character?

Me: Having an awesome mom?

Genius: No, disliking your mother

Me:  Excellent, I am happy to be helping you build character and life skills!  Have a great day honey!  Love you!

Genius:  I love you too

This kid cracks me up!  I legitimately love my life!!

calvin character3



I love Calvin and Hobbes!!


One thought on “Dealing with difficulty builds character… Right????

  1. Just stumbled upon your site and this was great!
    My kdis are nearing the end of the school year and just do not want to go to school…especially on those days where half of it is spent watching movies while others test, etc. But I never actually said the words “building character”. I have to find a way to work that into conversation tonight!
    As far as a lazy streak and not turning in work, I wish I had an answer for that one. My 15 year old nephew lived with me for 6 months and it was a constant battle to get him to turn in his work. And he is crazy smart! It would make me so furious, and no punishment changed his mind.
    Good luck!

    1. J, thanks for stopping by! I have a problem with my 17 year old not turning in homework. Or doing schoolwork. He will be a senior next year. He and I had a long heart to heart this week about college prep. It is almost to late for him, but he may be able to bring up his GPA if he works hard next year. I guess we shall see.

  2. Hello! New to your site! I noticed one of your recipes below uses stevia – not sure if the Genius is eating it. Last year I went through some fatigue and mono- like symptoms and it turned out to be sensitivity to stevia. (I also some all over weakness, and occasional tingling, numbness or pins and needles down the arm). After I went through it, I helped a coworker identify her sensitivity too. Just throwing out a possibility (esp. If the genius has ragweed allergy) to consider! 🙂

    1. Lisa,
      Thanks or stopping by. The Genius does not eat much Stevia. I ended up taking him to the doctor and he has an Epstein Barr like virus. He stayed home from school for a couple of days and rested a lot the next week, and it resolved itself fortunately! Thanks for the information!! It makes complete sense to me that people could have an allergy to Stevia since it is a plant.

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