When did my nerdy kid become an athlete?

I was not an athlete when I was in high school.  I did run track my freshman and sophomore year, but that was it for athletics for me.  I was the nerdy kid.  I was in the marching band.  And the concert band.  I played the clarinet my entire high school career. My older brother was on the football team, and he was pretty good as I remember.  Not the star, he played defense, but he played for all 4 years.  My younger brother also did not play a sport.  He was a nerd like me, and was into Boy Scouts and was a member of the Children of the American Revolution. (maybe more of a nerd than me…..)

Memorial Day parade garb. Circa 1980.
Memorial Day parade garb. Circa 1980.

My ex-husband was also not an athlete, nor were his siblings.  So sports and our genetics are not a match.

To round out the non athletic people in our family, my partner Karol was also NOT an athlete in school, nor were her two children.  Brandon did try out for soccer, but quickly lost interest when he didn’t make the team his first try, and although he was very good at baseball when he played in the local Pony league, as he got older and it became a much more expensive sport, we had to bow out because: 4 kids.

Joe Cool played baseball as an elementary kid, but his less than stellar eye hand coordination did not help him at home plate and he became discouraged since the bat did not often make contact with the ball.  The day he was hit in the mouth with a ground ball (he didn’t field well) at practice and busted his lip so badly that he bled all over his brand new Sponge-Bob t-shirt (he was in 5th grade) was the final straw for him, and he was done with baseball.

Then he discovered swimming. He swam on the neighborhood summer swim team, and also swam for high school.  However, his non athletic traits kicked in, (sorry kid), and he enjoyed swim team mostly because he could socialize with his friends during meets.  It wasn’t that he wasn’t capable, in his own words, “I am just too lazy to kick any harder mom.”  okaayyy….  At least I can’t fault his honesty…..

Then we have the youngest child in our family, The Genius.  He has always been the nerdiest kid in the family.

Straight A (occasional B) grades.  LOVES science, reading, Dr Who, and Minecraft! And he actually enjoys hanging out with his parents.  Can’t get much nerdier than that!

He was also on the summer swim team in our neighborhood and did okay, but never really won many races.  He was usually third place, sometimes second.

Then he went to high school. Surprisingly to me, he asked to join the high school swim team last year.  I was quite happy he wanted to swim for his school.  It is less expensive than the summer league and it gives him a well rounded high school experience.  Then something amazing happened.

His first High School Swim Meet 2013.
His first High School Swim Meet 2013.

He started winning.

He came in second against juniors and seniors!  He beat most of the kids his own age.  And he LOVED it!  He loved swimming, and as he did better his confidence improved, and his times got even better!

He even decided to swim the long distance race, the 400 meter race.  That is 16 lengths of the pool!! He actually did quite well.  He came in third on his team, but the first place kid was a kid who swims year round and has been since he was 6 and the other kid was a senior!  Not bad for a freshman!!

When his high school went to District championships, he did so well he almost made it to Regionals!!  The top 8 kids went to Regionals, and he was number 9!  But he was only behind by 3 seconds, and the kid who was in 8th place was a junior!

I think he will do well this year!  He is taller, stronger and older.

I have been amazed by this kid!  When I wasn’t looking my nerdy, silly, goofy, kid became an athlete.

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