Let’s Help Educate Some Students in Africa!

While I have been pursuing my degree at Old Dominion University I have had the great pleasure of meeting some wonderful people.  One of those people is Skylar.  She is incredibly talented and intelligent and she is currently working on a project to raise money to purchase some books and help the library.  Here are Skylar’s words about her project:

I constructed an acronym out of my mother’s name to symbolize my drive for this project, which is to provide Awareness, Nurture, Networking, Encouragement, Teamwork, Teaching, and Equality (Annette). This project is inspired by her, my research on the educational experience of South African girls, and my experience studying abroad. In May 2014, I participated in an independent study in Cape Town, South Africa for two and a half weeks documenting social development and human rights issues. While there, I focused on the education system in South Africa, specifically in primary and secondary schools. I spent some time in a school located in the Guguletu Township, Fezeka Secondary School. As a result, I discovered that Fezeka lacked the resources to provide their students with the certain amenities such as a fully stocked library or a computer lab. These resources are essential to the success of the students  in regards to preparing them for achieving a higher level of education. The primary goal of my service-learning project is to complete the library in Fezeka by raising money for their library and other supplies.

Please help Skylar exceed her goal by donating here:  http://www.gofundme.com/n6d1fk

These are some pictures from Skylar’s Go Fund Me Page from her trip to Africa.




Please help her exceed her goal!!



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