CO2Fit in Richmond: Fun, Fast and Fab workouts!

So I have been working out for years. And by years I mean YEARS!!! I joined the Navy in 1984 and I guess that is when I started working out. Of course I worked out in Boot Camp, and to be honest, I was blessed to be given “extra” workouts during bootcamp. Now they call it punishment, but when I was there it was just “extra” workouts meant to “teach” us proper discipline…hmmmpphhhh.

Anyway, I digress. I have been working out forever it seems. Some years, months and weeks more than others, but I have always had the gym as part of my life. When you spend years and years (when you add it together), working out you need to change things up in order not to get bored, and thereby complacent in your exercise. I have done step aerobics, water aerobics, Jillian Michaels, Dancing to the Oldies (remember that one), among others, and have been a member of many different gyms over the years.

However, because I have lived in places where it gets cold and snows, sometimes getting to the gym isn’t possible, or to be quite frank, I just don’t want to go out in the cold. So to find a workout I can do in my home that is good enough and interesting enough that 1) I don’t get bored and 2) I actually get sweaty and achieve a good workout is a great thing for me.

So when I was asked to try a workout I could do at home by a local Virginia business owner, I was like, “YES!”. Within a few days I received a link to download a video to my computer from a gym called CO2fit, based in Richmond Virginia. Their “About” page says this about the gym:

Created by Coach Seo Kelleher, CO2Fit is your health and fitness resource in Richmond, Virginia to help you meet all your health goals. More than a gym or fitness studio, CO2Fit is building into a brand with bigger ideas and a bigger vision: Your Challenge, Together.”

Now, to be honest I am not the most technologically adept person, and I had a hard time downloading the file to my computer. I wanted to load it onto a DVD that I could play and watch the video on my TV. CO2fit owner Seo Kelleher was so patient with my lack of tech abilities. She even sent me a DVD so I could try the workouts, and promised to make sure I got what I needed to check out the workout video. I thought that was awesome and her actions spoke volumes to me about her character and helpfulness. I liked her before I even checked out her coaching abilities.

I finally just gave up putting it on a DVD and just downloaded the Fighting Fit video to my laptop and set it up so I could watch and workout! And boy was I glad I did!

Fighting Fit by Co2fit gym.
Fighting Fit by Co2fit gym.

I liked almost everything about the DVD. To be honest I LOVED everything about the workouts. Within just a few minutes I had worked up a good sweat, and the workouts were easy to follow, while at the same time getting my heart rate up, FAST! I also liked that Seo had two other instructors with her performing the exercises at a “high” level and a “low” level so the exercises were compatible to everyone, no matter what your current fitness level is!

The video had four 15 minute workouts combining cardio and abdominal work. One day I had virtually no time to workout, and had to do just one 15 minute workout, but Seo did not disappoint. I was definitely sweaty and felt like I had actually done a lot of good for my body in just 15 minutes. Th next day I had more time and did a full 30 minute workout. I was sore the next day (which I love by the way), and really enjoyed the workout.

To be completely transparent there were two things I didn’t love about the video, but I totally understand why they were in place. At the beginning and end of each segment a boxing bell clangs. After a while the clanging bell annoyed me, but that is probably more about me and my low annoyance threshold (I have teenagers who contribute a lot to making this threshold low).

The only other thing I would change if I could, would be to add music. To solve that I just played Pandora on my phone. I am very “beat” driven and like to keep time with music while I exercise. But again, that is more about me than the video or it’s content.

So bottom line is I really enjoyed the video, felt like I got a great workout and I think the owner of CO2fit, Seo Kelleher is the bomb!!!!

You can also get this workout download for only $20.00 and if you use the coupon given to me by Seo you will get 20% off of that price making your download only $16.00.  For an HOUR of working out! That you can do in your own home.  Pretty dang good deal, in my opinion!

Fighting fit download on the website
Fighting fit download on the website

To be honest, if I lived closer to Richmond, I would join Seo’s gym. The classes look like fun, the prices are very reasonable, and they also offer workshops.

Anyway, check out Co2fit, and their Fighting Fit workout. You can use this coupon when you order your download: CCC15.

To order your digital download, go to CO2fit, click on the picture that says “FIGHTINGFIT HOME WORKOUT VIDEO” buy now. You can use the coupon code above: CCC15 to receive 20% off of your digital download!

I am quite sure you will enjoy this workout as much as I did!

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  1. I don’t understand. How do you box by yourself? do you have to have a punching bag and gloves? I can’t wrap my brain around it.

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