Mornings Matter: How To Get The Most From Yours

Did you know that mornings are likely to be the most productive part of your day? More people are beginning to realize that getting up earlier means they can get more done, (or at least start their day on the right track), than if they get up at the last minute or snooze the alarm clock every five minutes. Your brain is more alert first thing, which could mean that if you have a business or work freelance, it is the ideal time to work. But, making more of your morning matters, and I thought I would share with you how you can make the most of yours.


Getting up earlier

One of the first ways you can take advantage of your day is by getting up earlier. In the morning, you will find that you are more alert, so getting up earlier means that you can really tackle that “to do” list straight away. More time in a morning could help you ensure you eat better first thing, get some exercise in, or simply just get some work done before the hecticness of the day takes over.


Stretching is an excellent way for you to really take on how you feel in the day and start things the right way. When you first wake up, your body may feel stiff and achy, and this can really set you up in a negative way if you don’t take action. Simple stretches slowly wake up the muscles in your body and allows the oxygen and blood to flow easily once more. Doing this will help you to get up when you wake up as well, instead of snoozing the alarm and turning over continuously.

Starting the day the right way

Sometimes you just need to start your day the right way ,and what better way to do it than with the food and drink that you fuel your body with. First things first, many people love a morning coffee, so if this is you, why not treat yourself to something indulgent and authentic like Guatemala coffee. We are also aware that breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day as you have more time to digest the food properly in your body. Eating a hearty and healthy breakfast will give you the fuel and energy you need to take on the day in style.


We are all aware that we should be doing more exercise and be more active, but yet the big excuse is there is no time or that you just don’t feel like it at the end of the day. So why not use your morning instead? Getting up even ten minutes earlier for a bit of activity each day could do you the world of good? You are far more energetic first thing, and more likely to do it.

Going to bed earlier

Finally, having a more productive morning might mean getting up a little earlier to do it. So perhaps an earlier night should be on the cards to ensure you get enough sleep? We can often stay up too late in an evening and this can play havoc with our mindset first thing. Heading to bed even thirty minutes earlier than usual could give you that relaxation time you need for a full and complete nights sleep.

I hope these tips help you to get more from your morning.

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