Why I Love my Harris Teeter Pharmacy!

I have been very blessed in my life so far that I have had good health and have not required any daily medicine for chronic conditions.  I am also blessed that I have excellent health care because I served in the military for 20 years and have TRICARE! While TRICARE does have it’s inconveniences and difficulties, it is very affordable and has always covered all of my appointments, surgeries, etc. As a person who has spent over 30 years in the medical profession, (both military and civilian medicine) I am incredibly grateful for the healthcare insurance I have. I know so many others are not in that same situation.

One thing TRICARE does very well is cover medications at a very good price. When my kids were teenagers I worked in a Dermatology practice as a medical assistant and we prescribed acne medication on a daily basis. Many of our patients were unable to get their medicine without a fight with the insurance company and even when we did get approval from their insurances for them to get their medicine, sometimes their co-pays for their medicine was cost prohibitive for them and they could not get their medicine. For ACNE!! something so many people deal with! It should be easier for anyone to get medicine for such a mundane ailment. I wish I had known about the SingleCare savings card when I worked there. I am sure I could have saved my patients quite a bit of money. SingleCare is a company that offers a savings card to help you save money on prescriptions, vision care, dental care, and video Doctor visits!

My kids also dealt with acne and of course I took them to a doctor for medicine to help. TRICARE covered their medicine and while some of my patients paid high costs for their medications, we were fortunate that our co-pays were usually between $12.00 to $20.00.

I never really had a “pharmacy” that I used. I just got my prescriptions filled wherever. Then a Harris Teeter was built near us, and they offered a special deal that if we transferred our prescriptions to their pharmacy they would give us a coupon towards the cost of groceries. At that time I had 4 kids living at home, and three of them were teenage boys. YES! Sign me up for money off my groceries! I transferred any and all of our prescriptions immediately! I LOVE my Harris Teeter Pharmacy! They always help us with our prescriptions and have excellent customer service! My partner does deal with some chronic illnesses and we also transferred her prescriptions to our local Harris Teeter pharmacy also.

In fact one of these things she has now prescribed to her is a medication for her menopausal symptoms. Hot flashes, cold flashes, mood swings etc are no joke and so many women deal with these symptoms as they age. It is a natural phenomenon for most women and now there are medications that can help to minimize these symptoms. One of the medications that can help with these symptoms is Estrace. Click here to receive some information about Estrace, and an Estrace Coupon 2018.

How grateful I am that our Harris Teeter pharmacy helps us navigate our way through the confusing world of prescriptions and that SingleCare is available to save us money!


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