How to Track and Stop Customer Attrition

For those of us who have a business, no matter if it is a home based business or a store front there is one thing we ALL need. We all need customers. You can call them customers, clients, team, consumers, or some other form of identification. No matter what you call them, if you don’t have someone purchasing products, or a service from you there will not be a business for very long. A business runs on revenue. You may provide products to consumers, or a service, no matter what your business is based on, if there is no one who wants what you have to offer the business will fold.

So you need to keep customers returning and you also need to add new consumers to your business. There are many ways to accomplish these things, such as awesome customer service, a product or service people value and want or need and marketing to attract new consumers. Customer satisfaction is huge to keeping your business revenue stream.

For those of us in business or not we all have heard and know certain business terms such as customer satisfaction, marketing, consumer, product, service etc. However there is a new term that is being bandied about in the business world and it is a word we need to know and beyond that know how to manage it. This term is customer churn. According to Superoffice, Customer churn is “calculated by the number of customers who leave your company during a given time period. In a more down-to-earth sense, churn rate shows how your business is doing with keeping customers by your side.” And the main reason we don’t want customer churn is that bottom line is it just costs to much to lose consumers.

Losing customers is a deadly thing for businesses and can cause them to go out of business. so keeping customers happy is a vital part of every business plan. So how do we do that? How do we keep our customers happy and keep them with us. We don’t want them leaving to go to another business for what we are providing or even lose interest in our business. It is very important that we catch them at the beginning of their experience with us and then keep them with us. This practice is called onboarding. ChartMogul states that onboarding is a vital to businesses.  They frame it in this way, “Customer Onboarding’ is an umbrella term that’s often used to describe the entire process that users go through when they start their journey as a customer of your product or service. The onboarding experience can define the ongoing relationship your customer has with the product.” So keeping customers happy from the very beginning is critical to the health of your business!

Now let’s say that you have done everything you can to onboard your customers properly, and you have an excellent product or service, wonderful strategies to keep customers happy and returning and you provide amazing customer service. You may still lose customers for a variety of reasons. But how do you know? How do you even know if you are losing your customer base? This is the tricky part of business. You may have a myriad of ways to track your customers and keep them happy, but losing them is something no business wants. We want them to keep coming back!

This is where a company like UserIQ comes in. They can help you track your customer loss, and prevent it from happening in the first place. Their website states: “Being proactive about customer success means helping users develop an immediate understanding of and connection with your product from the start. We help you do that in a data-driven, scalable and customizable way.” EVERY business should have a customer success platform, and UserIQ can provide that for you!

If you want to know how to keep customers in your business and them keep them coming back, this company has a proven track record of a data driven way to easily distinguish thriving customers and ways to see where groups and features need your support. Once you know this information you can move struggling users toward success, thereby increasing your business revenue and long term success!



3 Often-Overlooked Areas Of Business Organization


In business, organization is always important— that’s a given. Without effective organization, your business will flounder, unable to develop to its true potential, held back by the lack of a smooth operational process. Most business owners are well aware of this, and thus take the time to ensure that the basics of their office and business organization are always achieved.

However, even the most diligent of entrepreneurs can overlook certain aspects of their company— and this is definitely true when it comes to evaluating the organizational prowess of an enterprise. As a business owner, you’re going to want to chase down these areas and bring them into organizational line along with the rest of your company. So, which areas should you be focusing on?

#1 – Staff holiday planning

For many entrepreneurs, the fact that staff need time off is little more than an inconvenience. Of course, you understand that they need that time off and you’ll do all you can to ensure they get it, but it’s never at the top of your priority list. That’s understandable, but it’s also something you need to rectify if you want to keep your staff happy.

Take the time to design a way of managing how staff request time off and how the schedule is managed to accommodate this. This is particularly important during times when a large number of staff members will want to request time off; for example, during the holidays.

#2 – Digital assets

Your business’ digital assets — documents, photographs, files, and so on and so forth — should be stored in a central, easily-accessed, and incredibly organized way. Sadly, this is something that many businesses overlook; as the number of documents needed to run a business continues to grow almost exponentially, it can feel nigh-on impossible to keep up.

However, it is possible, and the longer you wait to start, the tighter it’s going to be. For most businesses, digital asset management can help them streamline their digital assets, and ensure that all members of staff are able to locate the exact digital file they need, the moment they need it. If you don’t currently have any solutions implemented in terms of digital asset management, then now is the time to begin.

#3 – Customer complaints

Responding quickly and efficiently to all complaints from customers can be the difference between a good business reputation and a terrible one. It’s vital that you implement a system that manages all forms of customer contact across all mediums so as to ensure you’re able to deliver effective response times.

This is usually a matter that can be handled using a spreadsheet for smaller businesses, but larger companies may want to investigate specialized customer complaint management software. Dedicated software can make the management of complaints incredibly simple, and help to rescue a relationship with a customer that has been compromised by a fault they have experienced.

In conclusion

The above three areas are easy to overlook when it comes to executing excellent organizational strategies throughout your business. By altering your strategy to incorporate these often-overlooked aspects of your business, you’ll be able to be sure of smooth organizational operations in your business.


Try a Career in Counseling For A New Take On Life

If been working within your chosen field for a while now; you’ll understand how much hard work and dedication is involved in pushing forward, or even taking it in a new direction. Sometimes you may find that elements of your role are more challenging than others, and sometimes there might be times that you feel you aren’t challenged enough. The great thing about the care services and counseling is the scope you have to grow and develop in your career, and the array of options you’ll have with the right skills and qualifications. There are a plethora of areas and levels you can enter your future in helping others, depending on your education and experience. You might just feel that it’s the right time to push forward in your career, or perhaps try another area that you’ve long been tempted by.

It’s always a great time to work out what action you’ll need to take to get yourself where you want to be this time next year. Whether it’s training and education, funding and finance, or your time management that you’ll need to assess; start writing a month by month plan that you feel you can achieve. Breaking up your main aim into smaller, manageable goals will ensure that you don’t feel too overwhelmed or put off by what’s entailed. You’ll also feel a great sense of achievement after completing each part of your placement, course, and challenges, which will give you a boost to tackle the next part of the process. The following are some ideas for those looking for their next move regarding a career in counseling, and some advice on how to achieve job satisfaction and motivation for the future ahead.



Get Online

As well as a fascination with the human mind, those who study and train in counseling often head into a career in caring for those who need help regarding their mental health, wellbeing, and rehabilitation. Therefore, if you have an education and qualifications in psychology; you could look into psychology in a variety of settings, like schools, prisons, hospitals, and recovery clinics. It’s time to get online and check out sites like

So that you can learn more about what seminars and courses are available to you. The internet should always be your first port of call regarding further training, advice, and education, as it’s saturation with all three.

Speak To A Senior

Try to find someone in a senior position in your place of work, or look for mentorship from someone who works in an area of your field. Help and advice from those who have already trained and worked their way up the ladder will provide you with an honest insight into your future career, and you can begin to plan how to reach your goals. You can ask where and how the best places to study are, and how you can fit things around your current role to give it a boost in the right direction. Often, places of employment will be more than happy to invest in their staff, so don’t be fearful to approach those who have been there and done it all before.