4 Steps That Will Take Your Freelancing Business To The Next Level

Freelancing is an excellent career in 2018. It’s lucrative, accessible, and you get to be the boss. There is no feeling like making the decisions after years of being on the receiving end. Starting up a business is only the initial step. After the inevitable bump at the beginning, there is usually a plateau. Things get stale and it’s how you react that counts the most. Taking a company to a new level is by no means straightforward and there will be errors along the way. However, if you keep the following in mind, you’ll have every chance.

Here are the next steps to take for freelancers.

Back To School

There is no doubt that you are a professional with experience and a solid skill set. But, that doesn’t mean that you understand everything about the industry. In fact, there will be some glaring holes which need covering up should the business go from strength to strength. Regardless of what they are, going back to school always helps because knowledge is power. Plenty of schools have online courses, so view their degree options and choose the one which is the most applicable. A business program tends to be a hit, but don’t forget about leadership lessons either. Perception is the reality to a lot of clients.

Negotiating The Drop

Think about a salaried position at any company in the world. After a couple of years, there will be a rise to cover the cost of living. Inflation increases and your real-term wage takes a hit, so the business (begrudgingly) does the right thing. Freelancing is no different regarding current contracts. They were fine in the beginning, but now they need renegotiating to cover new expenses. Never be afraid to enter into contract talks. Be cool, calm, polite yet decisive, and keep your cards close to your chest.

Recruiting Fresh Meat

Should a client say they are unhappy with paying more, you must be the first to say that’s fine. Then, start looking for new deals with partners who are willing to pay extra. It’s easy to think they are in control because you need their money to survive and grow. In reality, there is plenty more fish in the sea as long as you chum the waters early. Also, target the big game and the companies who ask you the rate. You can do the same amount of work yet get paid more by striking a deal with a large corporation.

The Help

Working alone is perfect in the beginning. After a while, it becomes too much hassle. Hiring employees, even if it’s only one, is essential to ensure time isn’t wasted. The key is to work long hours yet to be efficient at the same time. It’s nearly impossible to work effectively when you’re tired and on your own. A worker doesn’t need to be in-house either. Indeed, outsourcing to a third party normally has an enormous impact on the firm.


Are you ready to strive for greatness?

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  1. Knowing your worth is KEY! Many freelancers feel as though they have to have super low prices for their services in order to gain clientele. That is so wrong. And the worst part is, freelancers work so hard! Definitely, know what you deserve and get it!

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