What exactly is a consultant?

I love social media. I love Facebook and Instagram mostly, and I do love Pinterest, but oh my gosh i is so easy to get lost on interest and not even realize that hours have passed while I busily look at things. And whatever I started looking at is miles away from where I end up. I might start looking for skincare products and end up looking at recipes for salsa. It is a tangled web indeed…… Scrolling on Facebook I have seen more and more people talk about starting businesses as consultants. Business consultants or life coaches (consultant), or skincare consultants or makeup consultants. Some of these people look like they have just finished their teens and I wonder what kind of experience does one need to be an effective consultant? Which led me to asking, what exactly IS a consultant anyway??? So of course I did what any normal person would do, I pulled out my Webster’s dictionary.  Yes, I STILL have an old fashioned dictionary made with paper. A BOOK! Can you believe it? Well Webster said this: Definition of consultant- 1: one who consults another; 2: one who gives professional advice or services : expert. So a Consultant is supposed to be an expert. 

 So the next thing you might ask is, can a consultant actually help me? The answer usually is yes, but you need to find a company that fits you and can help you and your business move in the direction you want to go. Which for most companies is growth.  This article by Bplans helps explain why business choose to work with a consultant and the things a consultant can help with, as well as why you would want one for your small business. They state “Whether you’re starting a new company or growing an existing business, hiring the right consultant can be a cost-effective way for your small business to leverage specialized knowledge. Conversely, hiring the wrong consultant can cost you more than money—it can cost you a lot of wasted time and energy.” I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to waste money. Either in my household or in my business!
All of this leads back to the original question: What is a consultant? And even more specifically: what kind of consultant do I need for my business? A growth consultant, a financial consultant, a personnel consultant? So many questions. In fact, it might even lead you to wonder how can I BECOME a consultant? I know a few things, and I have had some experience in my life that can help others. Maybe this is something I can do AS a business. Or work as a consultant for a consulting firm. Which of course leads to the question:
What is consulting? Or even how can I become a Consultant? And of course friends, I have an answer for you! Consulting.com is how. They can help teach you Who a consultant is, What a consultant does, Why do businesses need consultants, When do companies hire consultants, and Where you can gain the knowledge to become one! ALL of your questions answered in ONE place. And if you are anything like me, having all the answers in one place is a dream come true. Especially with our busy lives!
So if you think this might be a career you would like to pursue, or think you might have some knowledge you would like to share, or like helping others succeed, Consulting.com would be a great place to start!!


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