Why I want Customer Success as a Business Owner

I am a business owner! That seem strange to say but it is true. Now to be completely transparent I have owned lots of businesses. However they have all been multi-level marketing businesses. They are definitely legitimate businesses, but the best part about them is you can “own” your business without the hassles and headaches of actually “owning” your business. You don’t have to get a business license, or a zoning license, or deal with a board of directors or partners. You don’t have to figure out how to pay yourself, how to assess profit margins, or deal with product development or patents. You simply have to sign up, sell a product and receive a commission. So basically it is similar to being a salesperson at any commission based business. So while their are differences you still do have a customer base like a traditional business.

But now I have a traditional business. I opened a mobile spa business this year! EEK, I was suddenly thrust into the world of inventory, buying equipment, overhead, licenses, taxes, and clients (customers). And even more than my Network Marketing businesses I WANT my clients to have success in their dealings with me and be happy. A happy customer is a returning customer.

So that led me to learning more about customer success. What it is and what it means.

I think the first thing to learn is how to be a Customer centric business.  Once you have done that successfully your next focus should be how to onboard your customers well, so they have success when buying from you or using your services.

Lincoln Murphy, a well known customer success consultant defines successful onboarding in this way: “The way that I define onboarded is this: The user or the customer, depending on what you’re measuring, is either getting value from their use of the product or the consumption of your service, or, for the first time outside of sales and marketing, they see the value potential in their relationship with you.” That is what business owners should ultimately want (in my opinion). Customers that are  gaining a value from your product or service and seeing a value in a continued relationship with your company, service or product. It is not of value to say that just because a customer has been with you and in your system for x amount of time they have been successfully onboarded. If they don’t find a value with your company they will move on to another. Consumers can be fickle and you want to keep them as a customer of your business, not moving on to another one.

With this viewpoint in mind, customer success is VITAL! After all, according to User IQ, “Acquiring new customers is up to 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones.” So business owners need to focus on retaining the customers they already have. User IQ has an answer for you! This article about customer success explains what customer success is, why it is important, how to develop a customer success strategy, and more!

As a new business owner who is actively cultivating clientele for my business this is very important information for me. I also think the information in the User IQ article can help all business owners improve their customer success and therefore customer retention and sales! Definitely check it out!

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