Lowering Your Stress Levels Once And For All

Noticing that you’re stressed is easy enough – but actually managing to get control over it and lowering the amount of stress you’re experiencing is a whole other story.

Most of us will feel a bit overwhelmed and anxious from time to time and that’s alright; it’s when every day feels like an endless circle of stressful meetings and rushing about that it may be damaging.


Luckily, you can find ways to get back the control over your mind by implementing a few techniques. Try to use them when you feel like life is getting a bit too much or just make it an everyday habit – it will definitely help you to feel better.

Try meditation

If you’ve never tried meditation before, now is the time to do it. It’s the perfect way to get back in touch with your inner life and block out a bit of what’s making you feel so out of balance; focusing on your breathing, banishing anxious thoughts, and turning your focus inwards rather than outwards tend to do this.

Mix up your meditation routine a bit by trying yoga or visiting aura healers instead. You might find that you prefer yoga or aura healing over meditation or you can just use all of it throughout the week to keep your sanity – whatever you feel works for you.

The trick behind these techniques is that you’re taking back control over your thoughts and spending some time on just being rather than constantly thinking and analysing. Give yourself some space to simply exist from time to time, and you’ll notice a huge difference in your mood as well as your general wellbeing.

Heard about body scan before?

This is a form of meditation as you need to be completely relaxed and try not to let your mind race away from you. It’s great to do this before you fall asleep, for example, or maybe while you’re just sitting around at work before a meeting.

Try to bring your attention to one foot at a time. Spend a short minute on just focusing on your foot and see if you can make it relax. You might not feel much of a difference right away as it’s all about the entire process of it – not just that one foot.

Continue like this and work your way upwards; feel your ties relaxing, your stomach, focus on your chest, and work your way all the way up to the crown of your head. How long you want to spend on this is up to you but keep in mind that even if it feels slightly boring at first, it’s all about how you feel by the end of it.

Watch a comedy

Finally, your best remedy for stress is good old fashioned laughter. It’s not that easy to find time for comedies when you’re stressing around at work, though, but it’s good to keep this in mind so that you remember to have a bit of fun in the middle of everything.

Crack a joke with a colleague, think about something funny that happened, or listen to a hilarious podcast on your way to work.

Pumpkin on my face??

Yes! Pumpkin for you face! Pumpkin is amazing for your skin!

This time of year, is all about Pumpkins. Summer is filled with peaches, plums, nectarines, etc. They are summer fruits, but fall is filled with other fruits, namely Pumpkin. (I searched Google, and that is how I know Pumpkin is a fruit).

Now, I am not personally a huge fan of pumpkin in my drinks, but I am all about putting it on my skin! And my clients’ skin!

Why you may ask? Well, let me share with you why this big orange fruit is not just meant to decorate your porch as a Jack-O-Lantern:

First, it just smells yummy! I mean, pumpkin pie smell on your face? Yes please! In fact, many of the seasonal and festive ingredients we love to eat and smell are often great for the skin too. Pumpkin is actually chock full of things that are corrective, soothing, and anti-aging. So, aside from smelling amazing and putting us in a cozy autumn mood, what are the benefits of using pumpkin on the skin?

Pumpkin is filled with quite a long list of active properties that are well known for producing beautiful, soft, supple skin. For starters, it has Natural Fruit Enzymes and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) which work to exfoliate dead surface cells leaving the skin soft and silky smooth. These enzymes and AHAs reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve skin texture and allows other topical nutrients to be better absorbed. They provide a healthy glow to the skin. So now you will say Yes, I want Pumpkin on my face!

Pumpkin is also rich in Vitamins A and C. These powerful antioxidants soften and smooth skin while also boosting collagen production and working to reduce the visible signs of aging. Vitamin A specifically helps to decrease wrinkles, remove brown spots and help reverse sun damage. Vitamin C helps boost your body’s immunity to fight off colds, the flu and infections, as well as helps fight sun damage and free radicals on the skin, preventing aging, wrinkles and brown spots. In fact many aging factors can be dramatically improved with antioxidants (both topically and internally). So putting antioxidant rich foods into your diet is beneficial in many ways for your body!

Zinc is another beneficial active found in pumpkin. Zinc regulates oil production in the skin and can help decrease active breakouts as well as healing blemishes in the skin. Many skin care experts often refer to Zinc as “nature’s best healing agent,” for its acne-preventing and skin-healing abilities.

Pumpkin seeds, are high in Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E. These properties provide moisture to the skin as well as providing a barrier to restore hydration to dry and compromised skin.

Are you ready to take advantage of the many beauty benefits of fall’s favorite fruit? If you are ready Book your Pumpkin Spice facial now! 10% discount on this antioxidant filled and super yummy smelling facial during the month of October!