How To Use A Pop-Up To Promote Your Online Store

If you’re running an online business and all of your marketing is done through social media and your website, there are some customers that you might be missing. Most people are active online a lot, but not everybody is. If you want to reach those people that don’t use the internet that much, you need a way to get out there and find them. Creating a temporary pop-up store is one of the best ways to do that. It’s a common tactic that food businesses use to expand their reach but it’s just as effective for online retailers as well. If you think that a pop-up could work for you, here’s how you can set yours up in a few easy steps.

Consider The Experience

When you’re thinking of ideas for your pop-up store, you need to think about the kind of experience that you want to present. If you’re a clothes retailer, for example, it’s not enough to just set up some rails with clothes on and leave it at that. You need to think about what your brand represents as a whole. For example, if you’re selling high-end fashion that people tend to wear on a night out, you can channel that in your pop-up store by creating a nightclub vibe. If you sell coffee online, you can create a small coffee shop where people can taste the product and then buy some if they like it. It’s important that you think about the experience and the brand associated with the product, rather than just focusing on the product itself.


Find A Location

A pop-up store relies heavily on foot traffic. You’ll be promoting it online but that will mainly attract the attention of your existing customers. If you’re going to catch the attention of new customers, you need to find a location where it will be visible and you’ll get a lot of foot traffic coming through.


Don’t Forget Logistics

It’s important that you find the perfect location and cultivate and experience in your pop-up, but don’t forget the logistics of running a physical shop as well. You’ll need to get basic things like a credit card reader, a till, price tags, and shopping bags. It’s easy to forget about these things that you don’t normally need when you’re running an online store but without them, your pop-up is going to be a big disaster.


Promote The Pop-Up

Foot traffic is important but you need to fill the store out a bit if you’re going to get people to come inside. People are going to be put off by an empty store so getting some existing customers in by promoting online is always good. You also need to get out onto the street and try to drum up some interest. Printing some great business cards that you can hand out to people is a great way to do this.

Pop-ups are a great way to catch the attention of new customers that wouldn’t normally find you online so if you’re struggling to increase sales, it’s worth a try.

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