Excellent Employees: 5 Ways to Keep Your Staff Safe at Work

Not only is it the law but it’s your moral obligation as an employer to make sure your staff are kept safe and healthy at work. But depending on what your business does, there could be a number of ways to go about this. Here are some ideas.


Provide them with good chairs and desk

Something as simple as quality chairs and desks can make a huge difference. When you’re running a business it’s normal to want to keep costs down, but don’t do this at the expense of your staff’s comfort. Poor chairs can lead to neck and back strain, pain and reduced productivity.


Make sure protective gear is always being used

If you work in a noisy or dangerous environment such as a factory, warehouse or on construction sites then it’s vital that everyone has the right kit. Steel toe capped boots, high visibility vests, hard hats, eye protection and ear prevention are all key. The last thing you want is to do your staff a permanent injury, or for them to end up with hearing aids or ongoing health issues as a result of improper protection. Your staff should always be kept safe in these kinds of dangerous working environments.


Ensure everyone has the right training

Research shows that almost half of all people lie on their resume, and in certain workplaces this can be incredibly dangerous. When it comes to operating machinery, vehicles and other specialist kit, it’s up to you to make sure that the people you hire have the experience and qualifications they say they do. Run background checks to you can be absolutely sure.


Follow health and safety procedures carefully

Slips, trips and falls are still the most common kind of work incident, and many of these result in simple negligence. Always be sure to use wet floor signs after mopping, make sure all areas of the workplace are properly lit and that things aren’t being left lying around since they can become a tripping hazard. Something simple could be the cause of an accident that loses you a great employee and results in legal action being taken against your company.


Consider providing gym memberships

If your workplace is a sedentary environment such as an office where your employees are sat most of the day, consider giving them gym memberships as a perk. This will keep them fit and healthy, and in turn lead to better productivity for you. Employees love these kinds of extras, it can help them to feel rewarded and secure within their job roles and mean they’re more likely to stay in their job, rather than look elsewhere.

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