Four Essential Considerations Before You Launch Your New Website

If you’re about to launch your own small business, getting your website right is key. Not only must your company’s website convey your “why?” to the world, but you want your site visitors to take action on a first visit. A solid marketing strategy will only get you so far: once you’ve invested money to get your customers to your website through PPC, how do you get them to stick around? Here are some great hacks to help you ensure your website makes the maximum impact.

Remember the Five-Second Rule

How long would you guess that you have to catch a site visitor’s attention? The answer is less than five seconds! Within five seconds, a new site visitor decides to either click away or hang around for a little longer and check out what you have to offer. That means your website needs to either interest your audience, or impress them, or simply grab their attention before the five-second clock runs down.


Harness Creativity

But how do you make the most of the five-second rule? Like many of the big questions in business, the answer is: be creative. Your business home page should offer your audience something amazing. Whether it’s an amazingly succinct and original line of copy, an image that takes your breath away, or incredible web design that pleases the eye, it’s a good idea to lead with something that gets the tone of your business across and makes a strong first impression.

Remember, you don’t have to start selling your product from the word “go”. Rather, use the first five seconds to convince your audience that there is more to see and engage with. While you may feel confident building a website yourself, you’re more likely to hit the mark with the help of a well-regarded web design company.

Your Blog Must Do Double-Duty

For maximum impact and conversion potential, every aspect of your website should do two things at once. For example, your blog content should both help you with your search engine optimisation and also engage your audience. So if you hire a content writer who is skilled at SEO but can’t connect with your audience, you will be losing out on the enormous potential for brand reputation building. Aim for copy and blog content that simultaneously brings you to the top of the pile SEO-wise, and positions your business as a source of credible, informative content about the issues your customer-base cares about.


Get Optimised for Mobile

Just as a blog that does not engage your audience is a wasted opportunity, you’re missing a trick if your website layout looks lovely on desktop but is hardly comprehensible on mobile. These days a significant proportion of all web activity is done via mobile, whether by phone, tablet or even Apple watch. Any web designer worth their salt will be able to guarantee a slick mobile format.

Whether you’re just about to launch, or you’ve been running for a while but feel you need a reboot, nailing your business’s website is an essential step towards the success of your startup. These tips will help you avoid the worst pitfalls and create a website that dazzles and converts.


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