3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Business Secure

Keeping your business assets secure can be difficult when you work from home. While you aren’t a massive corporate blue chip company, you are still an entity that cyber criminals may be interested in. Malware and spyware is a threat to every enterprise, large or small. If you are dealing with sensitive information or you have confidential data on your computer, then you should have cyber security at the top of your list of priorities and you should pay attention to it in your business plan. Read on to find out how you can keep your business assets secure.



If you have a couple of staff working for you, it’s vital that they sign up to a cyber security policy like those examples at workable.com. This should be a contract that acts as a code of conduct. At the very least, your staff should be aware that they shouldn’t be opening dodgy email attachments and that their passwords should be random sets of letters, symbols and numbers of at least twelve characters or more. It could be wise to source the services of a company that can come in and train your staff formally. Undertake a day’s training session annually to help refresh people’s memories and keep cybersecurity high up on your agenda.



For the maximum level of cyber security, you need to ensure that you have more than a simple Firewall. By heading to a site like esudo.com, you can outsource your cyber security requirements. These firms enable you to have all of your systems and data backed up daily. This means that should the worst happen and you get hit by a virus or adware, you can continue functioning as a business. Experts can implement anti virus software remotely and across all of your network. You could combine your cyber security requirements with your IT troubleshooting needs. This can help to free up your time to worry about more pressing aspects of your business vision.

Need To Know

With the data that you have, you need to implement a need to know policy. As your business grows and you hire more staff, you don’t have to make every file accessible to all. To be safe off site, ensure that the most sensitive documents cannot be accessed. You don’t know when your team are in a coffee shop accessing documents over an unsecured and vulnerable network. Keep these files on site only. Ensure that your team understand the dangers of unsecured networks and make sure that they don’t open that funny looking attachment within an email from a sender that they’ve never heard of before. Have an open door policy and ensure that anything that looks dodgy can be reported immediately.

Being secure online and keeping your assets safe is vital if you are to inspire customer confidence in your business. To help your business thrive in the twenty first century, you need to follow a cyber security plan to keep your venture safe and backed up.

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