How Can The Use Of PPC Benefit Your Growing Home Business?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising model that sees the platforms which host adverts on behalf of businesses, receive a payment every time the company’s advert is clicked. The purpose of running a targeted PPC campaign, is to bring traffic directly to your website, and to see your business rise up the search engines like Google. PPC has the power to turbo boost your marketing efforts, and produce real, tangible Returns on Investment (ROI).

Sometimes referred to as ‘paid search advertising’, PPC marketing is a form of online advertising where sponsored links are placed on search engine results pages (SERP), websites and blogs. If you run a home business, PPC presents a great opportunity to have your website featured on SERPs any time that a potential customer types in a keyword or phrase relating to your line of business, or sector.

PPC can help you achieve many of your business and marketing aims including brand exposure, an increase in traffic coming through to your site, and, ultimately, an increase in sales.

The following are just a few ways you could use the PPC model to grow your business;

A Cost Effective Form of Advertising

PPC campaigns, when they are well-designed and well-run, are a very cost effective form of advertising when compared to more traditional forms. PPC is designed to match adverts with potential customers who have already shown an interest in the type of product or service you offer. You are therefore more likely to convert leads into sales with this kind of targeted advertising.

PPC Offers Quick Results

Organic search traffic methods of promoting a business can take a very long time to yield results. When you use a reputable firm to design your PPC campaign, for example, Richmond PPC, you can run a targeted advertising campaign that will deliver you conversions within a few minutes. Now that’s a result.

PPC Complements Your Other Marketing Strategies

When you use a tool such as Google AdWords to design your PPC campaign, you can bring visitors to the content you have produced as part of your overall marketing campaign and so the two elements work very well together.  This can, therefore, see you gain a greater ROI on your content marketing.

PPC Checks For The Best Keyword for Enhanced Performance

With PPC, you can test different high-ranking keywords to see which are the most successful for your business. Google AdWords provides precise and accurate data on the performance of each ad and keyword. With Google AdWords’ ranking of keywords and phrases, you will gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of each high-ranking keyword and you can use that information to the advantage of your business.

Designed for Targeted, Local Business Searches

One of the most attractive benefits of PPC is that it is designed to be targeted. It is, therefore, highly effective at matching those searching for a local business, with local businesses. Individuals searching for products and services in your area will be shown your ads above others. Statistics on PPC campaigns show that more than 75% of local people will likely visit stores they find in search results. If people don’t see your ads, they will probably click on your competitor’s ads and that means you will lose potential customers. PPC is the most efficient, targeted marketing tool for any local business to boost sales within the shortest period of time.

PPC is Budget-Friendly

PPC is budget-friendly, making it one of the main reasons small and medium sized businesses can benefit from its implementation. With PPC, there are no budget-restrictions; you have the power to choose how much you want to pay per click and how much you want to spend on your ad campaign in total. Everything in the PPC campaign is measurable. Therefore, you can decide whether to scale up or reign in your ad campaign, based on the results you are getting.


PPC is an excellent method for boosting your marketing strategies, especially when compared to more traditional methods. You can run a campaign for a couple of weeks and measure the results before committing any more of your budget to it, and compare it with other campaigns you are running. The ad campaign with the highest click-through rate (CTC) has likely attracted the most potential customers, and you can make marketing and budgetary decisions based on your metrics. PPC also comes with indispensable tools that will help you test and run your ad campaigns efficiently. With its reporting system, PPC helps you create a marketing strategy that will yield positive results based on the analysis you can conduct on the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. Which makes it an unbeatable marketing tool for anyone running a home or small business with limited budgets and a need to find quick and easy ways to bring traffic into your site.