How To Advertise Your Business On A Shoestring Budget

Advertising is a crucial side of every business. You have to get your brand out there in the public eye, and you usually have to pay a lot of money to do this. Some businesses have multi-million dollar advertising campaigns that shine a spotlight on their company. Of course, you probably don’t possess a whopping budget like this!

So, can you advertise your business on a shoestring budget? Why yes, you most certainly can. I’m going to show you a few low-cost ideas that are virtually free. They may have an initial cost, but there will be almost no ongoing costs after that. Check them out, and use them to save money while boosting brand awareness:

Create branded products

Branded products are everyday things that carry your brand logo on them. There are things like the Dynamic Gift air fresheners to hang in your car, reusable coffee cups to carry with you on your commute, tote bags to show off while you shop – the possibilities are limitless.

These products let you get your brand logo out into the public eye without really doing anything. You just go about your day, and people will see your logo and might register an interest. Yes, you have to pay to have these things made, but the actual advertising part is free.


Word of mouth

Word of mouth is an age-old marketing technique that most local businesses used to rely on. It’s the simple idea of someone telling someone else about a company. This then starts a chain reaction as that person tells someone else, and so on.



It may be 2019, but word of mouth marketing still has a place in the world. You can still use it for advertising your business, but the techniques you use are slightly different. Nowadays, you use word of mouth on social media. Get people to share your Facebook page, and this is basically a recommendation to all of their friends. You can gain some extra followers, and your visibility increases.


Use your car

A car can be used as an advertising tool for your business. This is particularly effective if you work from home and don’t really have many ways to promote your company. The idea is that you get a vinyl printed onto your vehicle, which is basically an advert for your business. It can show your logo, provide a contact number, and even have brief info on what you do.

You’ve seen a lot of people employ this tactic as it increases your visibility dramatically. More people will see you as you drive around, and every trip to the local shop is an advertising opportunity. Again, bar the initial cost, it’s completely free.


Take advantage of noticeboards

One last tip; use noticeboards in local coffee shops, cafes – or anywhere that has them. Usually, you can stick things on these boards for free, and it’s a way of promoting your business to anyone that’s in the cafe/store/wherever.

You could stick a business card ideas on there, get a small flyer created; the choice is yours. But, it’s a low-cost way to reach a lot of people.

Advertising doesn’t need to be overly expensive. If you’re clever, you can save money and still build a presence for your small business.

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