All You Need To Run Your Business On The Road

Whether you’re a solo freelancer doing your business from place to place, or you’re running an office that you’re never in, it has never been easier to do your work on the road. We can always stay connected and almost always bring the tools of the trade with us. Here, we’re going to look at some of the tools and techniques that will help you stay on top, no matter where you happen to be during your work day.

Managing from afar

If you have a whole team and office to contend with, you can try delegating and leaving someone in charge, but that only works for so long. For your own peace of mind, you need a way to keep in touch, and the best solution for just that can also help improve communication and workload management in the office, too. Instead of relying on direct calls and instant messengers, embrace technology and implement a project management or team management software in the workplace. Your team can easily share resources on different themed boards or tabs, and you can keep track of where the work is at, while communicating with different groups in a manageable, easily tracked way.


Get paid on the spot

If your business goes from door to door, or from area to area, servicing customers in that specific location, then you need to consider how and when you get paid. It can be inconvenient, for instance, to accept cash only when your customer might not have it readily available, whether they’re at home or passing your stall on the street. For that reason, it’s worth looking at whether tools like and iPhone card swiper could be the convenient, accessible solution that you need to ensure you get paid. Make sure that you’re not missing customers who would be glad to pay up, if only you had the means to accept their money in the first place.

Keeping your finger on the pulse

When you’re running a business that has you visiting and meeting clients in person more often than on the phone, then being able to remember all the key details about those clients is crucial. You need to be able to form a relationship with them and that’s much easier when you have the help of a customer relationship management system. There are plenty of mobile device-friendly CRM software suites, such as Zoho or Nimble, which allow you to store, edit, organize, and update records for each customer you do business with. It can even offer reminders of when you should next call or what your next task should be, so you don’t forget one customer amongst the mix.


Make sure you have access to the resources you need

Regardless of whether you have an office back home or not, you need to consider making use of Cloud servers. If you do have an office and a team that you’re leaving behind, Cloud storage allows you all to share the same digital assets and resources much more easily by uploading and downloading at will. If you don’t, then Cloud storage is still a vital way to backup your most important digital assets. After all, it could be easier than you think to lose your laptop or tablet that has all the vital data on it. If you don’t have a backup, it could be lost for good.

Make sure you’re handling all your employment responsibilities

If you’re running a business on the road and leaving your team behind, then you need to ensure you have the means to fulfil your duties as an employer. Most important of all is payroll. A quick way to get in trouble is to not have the employees paid on time. There are online payroll apps that let you manage that from wherever, however, so you don’t have to race back to the office just to get it done. Some of these modern payroll apps can even automated a large portion of the work for you, removing a lot of the admin work from your day and letting you return to the efforts that help your business grow.

With the tools above, it’s going to be much easier to manage your business, whether you need to ensure you can offer customers the convenience and service they deserve or you need to keep in touch with the team back in the office. These are only a few examples, too. You’ll find plenty more tools to help with a little looking.


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