Educating Yourself Has Never Been Easier Than It Is Today

For the average person living in the ancient world, getting an education was a massive challenge. It wasn’t just a money issue. Most Romans and Greeks made a good living. It was more of a logistical problem. Going somewhere for education usually meant making a long and perilous voyage to centers of learning. 

What were your choices? The great library at Alexandria? The vaults in Rome? The lost scrolls in the temples of the ancient Greeks? It wasn’t really until the advent of the modern world that a decent education became accessible at all. But even a hundred years ago, most people were too poor to send their kids to school. The state had to provide it. 

Today, though, things have changed a lot. Education is being dematerialized to the point where it is virtually costless, especially when delivered on a mass scale. Think about how easy it is to find out about a topic that interests you. All you need to do is log onto a site like, sign up for a course, and start learning. It’s no more complicated than watching a YouTube video or ordering something online. 

For women who run businesses, this development is a godsend. Being able to find things out and develop new skills is essential in the modern world. It is how we remain competitive as individuals. If we don’t continue our education, we languish, and keener minds take our place. 


It’s Not Just About Academic Knowledge

Going to college is part of the story of education, but it isn’t just about academic knowledge. In the business world, you need a whole range of skills that never come up at school or college. Take the ability to negotiate, for instance. Learning about something as basic as this usually has to wait until adult life. And by that point, it is often too late for it to become natural. Usually, you have to force it – if you can do it at all. Then there are just basic matters of business and accounting. Teachers seldom discuss either of them. Most of them have never been in the marketplace. 


Cultural Knowledge Is Important Too


Formal education is trying to get better at developing cultural knowledge, according to The main thrust is to try to scrub any possible cultural illiteracy from the minds of students. But the focus is ideological, not business-based. Students, for instance, don’t focus on the types of marketing, business culture, or IP attitudes in a foreign country. Instead, they focus more on how not to offend. Expanding a company overseas, however, requires cultural education. If you don’t understand your target market, you’re stuck. 


The Digital Revolution Makes It All Possible

At root, the digital revolution is what is driving this change. To get a world-class education, you don’t even need to leave your house, let alone the country. It’s all right there at your fingertips. Computers, the cloud, and the internet have fundamentally changed the game. 



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