Why You Make Be Thinking About Advertising All Wrong

When you’re operating as a small business, it’s not hard to take small things for granted. It can be that you begin to rely on the morale of your team as a given, for instance, instead of cultivating it. Little things like this can take you unaware if you’re unable to focus on them, and it’s not always clear that you can focus on them with all of your awareness and zero mistakes made.

After all, running a business, particularly a new one, is pretty tough. It can take everything to keep up with your tasks of the day, let alone cultivating the optimal route forward. That being said, it’s better to prevent a mistake than have to correct one. This means taking the time to organize and educate yourself can help you avoid making problems that will follow you from then on. 

This is important when thinking about advertising, because this discipline shifts in utility almost every five years. The campaigns you would run in the last decade will not work today. How can you keep your approach fresh? You may be thinking about it all wrong – and here’s why:


Ad Optimization

Ad optimization is a good place to start. We must not only market, but understand the effects of our marketing, where they should be placed, and how to use metrics to make better decisions. You don’t have to do this alone. A paid ads (PPC) agency will provide you all the metadata and techniques you need to make better decisions and to get more value out of your advertising buck. This can help you avoid making mistakes or coming to false conclusions about your campaign, which can prevent issues from compounding into the future.


Consider Your Venue

What platform, venue or format are you marketing within? Are you hoping to advertise on YouTube? You have no doubt seen long advertisements that last up to twenty minutes autoplay before a YouTube video. You see the length of the advertisements, and you automatically switch to the ‘skip ad’ button five seconds after it starts. If it were twenty to thirty seconds long, and the intro grabbed you, you may even watch the whole thing. It’s important for businesses to consider their venue, and the example we have just used shows a distinct lack of doing that research, or how people engage with the platform.



Interactivity is important. It makes a difference. In the modern world, it also has a place. For instance, does your social media advertising link to your website. Do you offer format-based discounts for people seeing the ad at this particular time? In some cases, mobile game developers are offering a quick free sample of the game to play without having to install it, and that serves as the advertisement. You can be sure that audience engagement and interactivity will play a huge role in advertising might as technology develops, and setting yourself up to achieve that can be a great place to begin.

With this advice, we hope you can become even more proficient in your marketing plans.


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