How to Feel On Top of Everything

There are no two ways about it: organization is a skill. It’s not something that comes naturally to everyone, and yet finding ways to make order out of chaos is an essential part of finding success. Too often, your life can start to feel overwhelming, as personal, financial, family and work concerns all start to pile in on each other. It can be hard to know where to begin. In fact, getting a bit more organized in how you approach these hurdles can be the difference between coping with them masterfully, or letting them get the better of you. Here are three ways to help yourself by prioritizing and organizing key areas.


You might not realize it yet, but the space around you is fundamental to your mental health and how you’re able to approach the world. A messy, disorganized work area makes it much harder for your brain to concentrate on tasks, and more likely to get distracted. Before attempting to tackle the problems in front of you, always make sure you’re working in a clean, tidy, organized space. This can be difficult if you live in a small apartment, or somewhere you’re not happy with. Overcome this by choosing a nook in your home and decorating or arranging it into a peaceful corner that you feel comfortable spending time in. By creating this space for yourself, you will be saving time later on by being able to focus your thoughts without the outside distraction of mess and chaos.


Financial worries, whatever your age or situation, can take up an enormous amount of mental energy. After all, money is connected to almost every area of your life. Aside from needing it to remain in a stable position with your home and health, it also allows you to eat well, socialize with your friends, and generally enjoy the quality of life you need. For all these reasons, feeling pressure over money, whether through bills or loans, can be highly distracting. It’s important to take these money worries by the throat – use a DTSS review or another method to see what could help you to reduce your loans – and get started on achieving fiscal stability. Once you are comfortable with your finances, your mind will be liberated to think about other things, and you will find that your productivity shoots through the roof.


Time is the ultimate barrier, and we all wish there were a few more hours in the day. Sadly, that’s probably not within your power to fix. Some people try to create more time by working late or rising early, but that too is an inefficient strategy – without decent sleep, your brain won’t be as effective, and you will take longer to accomplish simple tasks. No, the best way to maximize your time is simply to organize it. If you have multiple separate tasks to accomplish, create a schedule, and block off sections of time to deal with each task. This will help you focus, and stop you from jumping between tasks as you’ll know you will work on each one eventually.

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