Are You Giving Your Customers The Right Impression?

How well have you crafted your customer experience? Yes, you’ve got a website, and you’re manning chat services for as many hours a day as you can manage, and yet there are some people out there who are still unsatisfied with what you’re offering. And they’re much more vocal than the people who are shopping with you and enjoying what they’re experiencing! 

Giving your customers the right impression takes a bit more effort than you might think. And that’s what this post is here to help with. Because you’ve spent a lot of money to craft the perfect customer service experience, and you want to be sure your resources are being put to good use! So without further ado, here are some ways to ensure you’re giving your customers the right impression. 

Work From a Professional Place

First of all, you’re going to need to set yourself up in a professional place. Of course, if you can’t do this long term, being able to make use of cafe backdrops or co working spaces are just fine too. It’s just important to remember that first impressions stick around, and if you’re inviting a client or a customer over, and you’ve only got a messy house and a small, personal office to sit them down in, you may just ruin your chance at a profit here. But if you do only have a home office to bring people round for meetings, there are a few quick changes you can make. First of all, a general tidy up would do you the world of good. Make sure there’s no pens and paper all over the place, and files are in the cabinet, and get the vacuum on the floor. And it doesn’t have to be expensive to make things look a bit more professional either. You can buy some cheap, soft lamps to make the lighting more office-like, and put a mirror up on the wall to make the room look bigger. Pop a rug on the floor, in either deep blue or dark stripes, and you’ll have a ready to go working office that’ll make people take a double look.


Make Sure They Like the Website

Then you’re going to have to focus on your digital profile. When you’re in business, it’s important to set one of these up and pay close attention to it, because this is what the majority of your customer base are going to come across first. This is your chance to make a good first impression, and that won’t happen if the website is out of date, hard or slow to use, and has absolutely nothing relevant on it. So what do you do? How do you go about improving your website from a customer’s point of view? Well, you need to focus on the UX element first of all – the customer experience. There are many different variables that affect your UX, and it can be hard to manage all of them at the same time, and that’s why software such as Userzoom exists. Be sure to download a package like this to make sure your customer experience efforts really pay off. But in the meantime, get to know the factors involved, as we mentioned earlier. These include things like usability, accessibility, desirability, and most importantly, how valuable the content and information you offer are. What you do as a business must be relevant to the person’s needs, and showing this off is key to drawing more and more people in, especially if you’re offering very competitive prices!


Work on Your Interpersonal Skills

You’re also going to have to work on your interpersonal skills, in order to give your customers the right impression. First of all, you’re going to need to think about the way you communicate, both in words and non verbally, to ensure people feel at ease around you, especially when you’re trying to make a sale. Don’t worry, your interpersonal skills are a lot more polished off than you may think! You’re using them every single day when you’re talking to your friends and family, after all, and you just need to turn your mind to a more professional character here. You need to learn to listen properly, as well as pick up on emotional signals (which is all about your inner emotional intelligence skills), and then you’ll need to think about negotiation. Negotiation skills are the most important here. You need to be able to find a common ground you and your customer/client can meet on, as well as solve conflicts and put them to bed whenever they arise. There’s a real knack to negotiation that a lot of people don’t have, but when you know the bases of persuasion, you’ll be able to refine your skill here a lot better. 


Make Sure You’re Saying the Right Things

And following on from the point above, you need to make sure you’re saying the right thing at all times. Of course, the pressure is going to be on here, but when you’ve had a bit of practice, it should come a lot easier to you! There are some basic things you should say to customers, and when you know them, you can build up some speech templates to use whenever the situation calls for it. Always let a customer know just how helpful you can be – ask how you can help, or if they’re doing just fine on their own. Also, make sure they know how to reach you, and that you’re always ready to give them your contact details. And always remember that being honest with customers, or giving them as much of the picture as possible, is always going to work out in your favor. Giving your customers the right impression takes a lot of effort and refining. Make sure you keep the above tips in mind if you’re trying to build up a reputation for good customer service, and never forget about your online presence either!


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