Thinking Of Attending University When You’ve Got A Family?

As a parent, your first priority has always been (and always will be) your children and their well-being. However, when you’re trying to better yourself for your children, you may find yourself wondering what the best course of action is. Attending university to further your career, or even start a new one can be difficult when you have children to think about, but it’s totally possible! Millions of parents around the world have achieved it, and so can you! Here are some tips on juggling family life and things to think about if you’re planning on attending university to better your career.

Take advantage of support from your university

It’s not unusual for someone who’s not a fresh faced eighteen year old to be thinking about heading to university. In fact, there are more mature students in universities than you may think! Universities all over the world are able to cater for those that might have priorities outside of learning such as children and other family commitments. Your university may be able to help with childcare by offering a creche service, or allowing you to learn with flexibility. It may mean your course takes longer than it would originally, but you’ll achieve your goals!

Choose the right course

You’ve got your eyes set on the prize, and choosing the right course to get you there is important to both your sanity, and the routine of your family. Choosing a course that allows things like flexibility, studying from home, and also helps with revision with services such as Uworld will make a world of difference to your learning experience. To put it simply, while you’re prepared to work hard for your end result, if you’re not enjoying it and the pressure is too much, you’re more likely to drop out. Be sure to choose the right course for your family’s needs.

Plan everything down to the small details

As a parent you’ll already know how hectic life can be when bringing up children, so you’ll need to plan everything down to the tiniest detail. There’s a handy website called Elkamy that allows you to meet other people on your course, see local events, discover clubs and studying groups at your university, find other people at your university that may be able to help, and it’s also packed with deals and offers in your area that can help you save time and money!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Finally, don’t let your pride get in the way of achieving your dreams! Being a parent is hard enough, so don’t be afraid to ask for help if things are becoming overwhelming. Build up a support group of family and friends that can help take care of your children, and utilise help from your tutors so that you don’t get left behind on your course!


Studying while being a parent might seem daunting, but with these tips and some clever planning of time, you can totally do it! What are you going to study?


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