Why There Is No Substitute for Working Smart


There are all sorts of different pieces of advice that frequently get given to entrepreneurs, and anyone else who is striving to achieve success in their career of choice. Invariably, one of the most common general bits of advice is that hard work and “hustle” are essential. You’ve likely heard a lot about “the grind,” and similar. But while it is absolutely essential to be able to work hard – working hard, alone, is very unlikely to get you where you want to be. There is simply no substitute for working smart.

Here are some reasons why.


  • Because anyone can work themselves into the dirt while still failing to achieve substantial results

    Here’s a quick question: do you believe that there is anyone in the world who works harder than you, but is significantly less well-off and successful than you? If you answer anything except “yes” to this question, you are almost certainly deluding yourself. Because the unfortunate fact is that it is possible to work extremely hard, to the point of driving yourself into the ground, burning yourself out, and even dying on your feet, without achieving anything that anyone else would recognise as “success.” This is because you need to focus your energies at the right point, in order to make the right type of impact. If you went out into your garden right now with a spade and dug holes for the next 48 hours without taking a break, you would certainly be working hard. Extremely hard. You would also achieve absolutely nothing other than ruining your lawn. Working smart is largely about making sure that you leverage your energies in a sophisticated way, so that you don’t just “grind” for no reason.



  • Because the increasing complexity and sophistication of the modern working landscape demands focused and sophisticated tools and routines

    The modern working landscape is dramatically more complex in many ways that it was even a few short years ago, and that complexity seems absolutely guaranteed to increase even further as time goes on. Markets are expanding continually, new technologies are becoming dominant, and customer expectations are continually increasing. Working smart is essential in order to navigate the complexity of this landscape in a sophisticated way, such as by using Umbrella Managed Systems to handle the IT side of your business.


  • Because life is simply better when you leverage your energies effectively


Life is simply better when you work smart and leverage your energies effectively – not only in the sense that you are more likely to succeed in your professional goals, but also in the sense that you will have to work less hard, will be able to enjoy more leisure time, and won’t have to be as uncertain and stressed, either. Many people who subscribe to the “hustle culture” view of professional success do end up burning themselves out and experiencing a wide range of negative consequences to their own work-life balance, and general sense of well-being. Balance is always important, and working smart helps you to establish and maintain that balance.


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