Coffee, Clutter and Chaos is a wonderful place to advertise.  My demographic  is mostly 25-60 year old men and women, as well as a niche GLBT audience. My monthly pageviews are approximately 12,400, and rising every month!

My articles have been syndicated as well as featured on BlogHerThe Next Family , Ten to Twenty Parenting, and others, so I can reach a much larger audience as well. Most recently, my blog has been added to the blogs on  Lesbian Family.

My posts are also linked to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.Where I have a total following of

Rates are $25.00 per month for a text ad, and $35.00 per month for a graphic ad.  If you would like to place a post or have me write a post that will remain on the blog the fee is $50.00.

Please contact me at for more information.


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