5 Fabulous Advantages of Being a Solopreneur

You aren’t ashamed to admit that you were once a slave to the corporate world. You’d clock in at nine o’clock and then watch the time tick away slowly until you could leave at five o’clock. You knew that this would never be the life for you for the long haul. When you’re running your own business, you have so much more freedom. You aren’t chained to a desk all day and you actually have time to be creative! If you didn’t already know, here are five fabulous advantages of being a solopreneur.

1.You Can Work Anywhere

When you work by yourself and for yourself you can work absolutely anywhere you want. You could be replying to business emails in your pyjamas or you could be sunning yourself on a beach! Due to savvy solutions such as PaperSave you can manage your workload wherever you may be. Having the freedom to work anywhere you like can really make a huge difference to your motivation levels as you are never tied to the same place.

  1. You Can Work Anytime

If you have a job that can be operated outside of regular office hours, you can literally get to work anytime you like. Perhaps you work in events and much of your work is carried out in the evening. You have no obligation to get up super early the next day and drag yourself to the office. As the business owner you know what works for you and you can roll with that!


  1. You Can Make Your Own Decisions

You don’t have to consult anybody when you are a solopreneur. You can literally handle all of the business decisions without having to run it by a manager or your colleagues. You always have the option to ask for advice if you need it, but ultimately all of the decision making lies with you.


  1. You Can Change Direction Anytime

If you suddenly had a brainwave overnight you could change the direction of your business right away. That is the beauty of being a company owner; you are the boss and you know what’s best. Your livelihood is at stake too so you aren’t going to make any decisions that would have a negative impact on your brand reputation.


  1. You Are in Complete Control

There are a number of reasons why you should run your own business. The best one certainly having complete control over your company. Whether you want to rebrand, relocate, close for the winter or only start your working day at 1pm you can do it all! You have complete control over every single element of your business, which is great because only you know what’s best. If you ever become overwhelmed by certain aspects of your company, you always have the option to outsource or hire a freelancer. The final decision always lies with you, which is a huge advantage.


If these reasons don’t persuade you to start hustling now, then who knows what will?!


Three Real Talk Truths About Running Your Own Business

It’s real talk time. If you’re one of the millions of people annually who have decided to launch your own business, you are likely to already have a few key qualities. You’ll have vision. You aren’t afraid of a little hard work. You’re determined. And you’re optimistic – of bettering the world with a product or service that you’re passionate about, of being able to finally get your work-life balance in order and of being able to make money for yourself. The reality of entrepreneurship can be rewarding – but it’s also tough. You reap what you sow in terms of your work, but you also need a crucial dose of luck and timing for things to really take off. So, can you take the truth of knowing what it really means to run your own business? Knowledge is power – so understanding what lies ahead and you’ll be much better equipped to meet those challenges head on. 


It’s Hard Work Mentally 

What running your own business really means is constantly problem solving on a big scale. You may be used to solving your own working problems during the course of the day, but suddenly you now have to take on the problems of your customers, your staff, your suppliers and your investors – and this equals a whole new level of pressure. Often when you start out you won’t have much in the way of backup – you’re likely to start off as the only person on the payroll – so it’s a lot of responsibility resting on your shoulders. This is where it can be enormously beneficial to find local networking events where you can connect with other small business owners who are likely to be experiencing similar issues to you. Or you could take it one step further and find a business mentor who can help to give you perspective, challenge your thinking where needed and offer a little sage advice. Just remember that you aren’t alone and teach out to others for help. This can mean tapping into specialist support where possible – and whether it’s human resource management or working with a web design agency or even getting help with your marketing strategy, sometimes a little external backup via outsourcing can be a very worthwhile investment – so tap in the people and systems you need to get the job done efficiently. 


Progress Tends To Be Incremental 

Naturally we look for a big win to give us a sense of validation and reassure us that we’re on the right track. Generally in launching a small business these moments are rare – and over time you’ll see it’s more about incremental improvements. Each achievement that you make gives more opportunity – but also more challenges.


Staying Focused Is Difficult

From the outside, being able to call the shots seems great  – but when you’re actually in that situation, it feels more like being pulled in a million different directions. There are a lot of factors vying for your attention – that marketing plan needs writing, you have invoices to chase up, you should really be out there pitching to potential clients, you’re days behind on the social media schedule, you need to look at the books and your office has completely run out of coffee because you didn’t remember to order in office supplies. In the midst of all these competing demands on your time, you have to try desperately to stay focused on your vision and values and your business plan. This can be extremely hard. Begin by sorting everything into a prioritisation matrix to get clarity on what to tackle first. Write up a handful of goals related to your business plan and put them where you can see them every day. Each morning read through them and remind yourself of what you really need to be doing in order to move closer to them. No one ever said entrepreneurship was easy, but with persistence and a lot of work, you can make it and in time, reap the rewards. 


How Outsourcing Can Banefit Your Small Business

When you run a small to medium-sized business, you will need to wear a lot of hats. Business leaders working with small teams need to be in charge of so much within their workplace, from taking care of everything to do with recruitment and human resources, through to having to take the time to manage the whole of the IT systems. Chances are that these different roles that you fulfil while trying to manage your business are not areas that you have any degree of specialist training or experience in. In fact, you may often feel as though you only manage to do a passing job at managing them anyway. But, as needs must, you will wear that hat. There may be a problem with you doing all of these things though. Your business may be suffering due to the fact that you are doing so much. If you are spending a considerable amount of your precious time managing areas of your business such as these, then this is time that will be taken away from you doing the things that you are meant to be doing. After all, unless your business is a recruitment firm or IT consultants, then you probably should be spending more time on your core business. 

Outsourcing Your Business Needs

There is a way out of being tied up in business support tasks and that is to outsource them to another company.  By outsourcing, you’ll benefit in a few ways. You’ll keep your hands free to be able to get on with your proper job, which will hopefully make you more productive and more profitable. You’ll get a better standard of coverage in these support areas as you’ll have them managed by a professional specialist company. 

Outsourcing Your IT Support 

Your IT infrastructure is vital to your business. Whether you just run a couple of machines to handle your admin, or if you have a number of computers handling customer data, stock databases, or handling production lines, then you will need to maintain your IT systems. This means installing software, keeping systems updated, and dealing with problems if they emerge. Then there are the security concerns that face all businesses. Having managed IT services for your business will mean that you can get enhanced security, and minimize your risk of falling prey to a cybersecurity attack. If you want to know more about how an IT solutions company can help you, you can learn more here. 

Outsourced Recruitment

Getting the right people working for you is crucial for your success. Hire the wrong person and you’ll find that productivity drops and you end up with a problem staff member that you have to worry about dealing with. A specialist recruitment company will be able to hire the right people for you, saving you considerable effort, as you won’t need to do any of the work yourself. A good recruitment company will also be able to assist you with the onboarding process, meaning your new hire will be able to start as soon as possible.