Carol-  is the Blogger at this site!  I love to write and found blogging a few years ago.  My friend Patti Woods who is a writer extraordinaire got me interested in blogging, and I just took off from there.  I hope you enjoy reading what I write, and I appreciate you stopping by!
Karol-  My lovely partner of 9 years!  She puts up with all of my crap, and lets me be me.  I am a lucky lady!
 Katarina (L)– is Bluebell’s 22 year old daughter.  She has moved out recently, and we are crossing her fingers she can make it on her own.
Brandon (The Hunter)- Karol’s 19 year old son.  He is kind, sweet and loves to hunt.  He recently moved to Tennessee and is working full time at a job he enjoys!
Joe Cool- is my 17 year old son.  He is funny, and goofy and always makes us laugh.  He enjoys playing PS3 and says he wants to be an astrophysicist  because they “make good money” and he can “get a corvette.”  We all need to have aspirations.
The Genius- is my 15 year old son.  He is the youngest of the brood, and loves to be right ALL the time.  (like his mother).  He is a non stop talker (like his mother), and is very busy (like his mother).  Shall we say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree here?
The NewYorRican- is my bff who (lucky for me) lives around the corner.  Or as she would say it, “around the corna”  She calls me “Ca”, and keeps me sane!  Love her like a sista.
Tinkerbell- my other bff who also lives in the hood.  I am very fortunate that my two bffs live within walking distance of my house!  She is smart and funny and keeps me in line.  🙂

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  1. please say hello to the NewyorRican. met her at your party last Christmas. Peas @ butter ( sigh , can’t remember how it goes ) enjoyed our conversation very much.

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