Be Ready For The Costs Of Working From Home

One of the best things about living in the modern world is that it’s now more possible than ever for people to break out of the typical nine-to-five office routine working under someone else all day long. More and more people are embracing the concept of working for themselves as freelancers or business owners. One of the most significant parts of that it means that a lot of people end up working from home. This can be one of the most exciting things since it offers so much more freedom than you might ever expect. However, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. One of the things that a lot of people don’t realize is that it can also have a significant impact on their finances. With that in mind, here are some things you need to keep in mind so that you’re ready for the costs of working from home.


If you’re working from home then you need to think about the fact that your home will now need to be suitable as both a living space and a workspace. Sure, you might think that you can work on the couch or in bed all of the time but the truth is that you need a dedicated workspace and that means that your rental costs could well end up going up. You need to figure out what you can afford while still giving yourself the space you need to work. Rent reports like this one from ABODO are very useful in helping you figure out what you can afford each month. The last thing you want is for your career to end up being prohibitively expensive.


Home insurance is something that a lot of people should have but it becomes even more important when you’re working from home. After all, if your home is not only the place you live but a business presence as well, that’s something that you need to protect. Business insurance and insurance on equipment can be pretty expensive so you need to be sure that this is something that you’re budgeting for when you’re planning on working from home.


Pretty much any career requires at least some degree of equipment and one of the challenges of working from home and working for yourself is that you’re going to be the one in charge of paying for all of it. Whether you’ve got some specific equipment that you need or you just need to get your laptop repaired or replaced, the cost of equipment and maintenance is something that you need to be budgeting for.

Of course, this isn’t the only challenge of working from home. A lot of people assume that they can just have total freedom but the truth is that sleeping in late and working whenever you want can end up being more of an issue than you would expect. You need to have at least some kind of schedule otherwise you run the risk of letting the work pile up and becoming entirely overwhelmed.

Excellent Employees: 5 Ways to Keep Your Staff Safe at Work

Not only is it the law but it’s your moral obligation as an employer to make sure your staff are kept safe and healthy at work. But depending on what your business does, there could be a number of ways to go about this. Here are some ideas.


Provide them with good chairs and desk

Something as simple as quality chairs and desks can make a huge difference. When you’re running a business it’s normal to want to keep costs down, but don’t do this at the expense of your staff’s comfort. Poor chairs can lead to neck and back strain, pain and reduced productivity.


Make sure protective gear is always being used

If you work in a noisy or dangerous environment such as a factory, warehouse or on construction sites then it’s vital that everyone has the right kit. Steel toe capped boots, high visibility vests, hard hats, eye protection and ear prevention are all key. The last thing you want is to do your staff a permanent injury, or for them to end up with hearing aids or ongoing health issues as a result of improper protection. Your staff should always be kept safe in these kinds of dangerous working environments.


Ensure everyone has the right training

Research shows that almost half of all people lie on their resume, and in certain workplaces this can be incredibly dangerous. When it comes to operating machinery, vehicles and other specialist kit, it’s up to you to make sure that the people you hire have the experience and qualifications they say they do. Run background checks to you can be absolutely sure.


Follow health and safety procedures carefully

Slips, trips and falls are still the most common kind of work incident, and many of these result in simple negligence. Always be sure to use wet floor signs after mopping, make sure all areas of the workplace are properly lit and that things aren’t being left lying around since they can become a tripping hazard. Something simple could be the cause of an accident that loses you a great employee and results in legal action being taken against your company.


Consider providing gym memberships

If your workplace is a sedentary environment such as an office where your employees are sat most of the day, consider giving them gym memberships as a perk. This will keep them fit and healthy, and in turn lead to better productivity for you. Employees love these kinds of extras, it can help them to feel rewarded and secure within their job roles and mean they’re more likely to stay in their job, rather than look elsewhere.

Don’t Let These Hurdles Get In The Way Of Your Biz Becoming A Success

It is no easy thing to do to create a business simply from an idea that you have had. While you may have nurtured it for some time before taking that leap of faith and beginning this new adventure of a small business, you will always face hurdles along the path to success. With a little forewarning, they don’t need to harm you as much as they could. Here are some of the common hurdles you may face with some tips on how best to overcome them.

Not having enough time to do everything

Sometimes the main issue that you can have as a business owner is the face that you have no time in which to do things. This is where you can struggle to get things done, and lose focus on the areas where you can make the most difference. So you may want to think about outsourcing certain aspects of it. Companies like ClearFuze Networks could help when it comes to IT services. People could help with things like accounts or other areas of your business such as social media or website management.


Focusing on the wrong areas

A huge hurdle to overcome might be the fact that you are focusing on the wrong areas when it comes to your business, and this could be damaging. You may think you are doing the right thing, but in those early days it is all about ensuring that you do what you can to bring the business in. Social media or a lack of it could be a big problem that you face. It might be time to look at the strategy that you have and make some changes.


A decent website can make a big difference

Your website is your online shop front, and so many people do things online these days that not having the right website in place for the job can be a huge hurdle that you face. Your website needs to be responsive, informative and up to date with all relevant information. Having an online store can be very beneficial when it comes to drumming up business. If you are not skilled in this area then having a dedicated digital agency take over the reins could be the ideal solution.


Being productive

Productivity levels can dwindle from time to time, and so you may want to look at some of the ways that you are more productive within your business. Perhaps managing your time more efficiently could help in this area. There are many different techniques that you can try online that could prove useful. From time blocking to timing yourself for certain tasks, it could help to increase productivity within your business.


Protecting your business

Finally, you also need to be in a positive to protect your business as best you can, so it may be time to start thinking about the digital protection and also physically protecting your assets. Security systems can help to be a deterrent, and having firewalls in place to protect your data can be useful.


Let’s hope these tips help you overcome common business hurdles that you may face.