How Businesses Can Get the Most From Their Data

Data! Something that we use, we talk about, and we NEED. But do we really know what it is or how it can hep us in our businesses? I know I use it on my phone, and when I used to run out I would be super sad because I wouldn’t be able to access the internet. That is not the type of data I am talking about today But I will say it was super annoying because I had to go in to the phone bill online and give my kids a data “allowance” so I could even have any. Then we went to an unlimited data pan and that solved ALL the problems. Now we use as much data as we want and don’t pay any overage charges. That sure comes in handy!

But that isn’t the data I want to talk about today. The data I want to talk about today is the data that can help you grow your business and find more customers and clients. That is what we want and need to grow our businesses and have them thrive. We need people who want what we have to offer and then utilize our services, products or information. And don’t assume your business isn’t big enough for data to be useful. ALL businesses no matter how big or small can utilize data to grow, or improve their businesses.

Even a small one person business generates data.  If you have a website or are on social media or accept electronic payments, you are gathering data about customers, user experiences, traffic to your sites and more. All of this data is filled with information that can be used to improve your company f you ca learn to access and utilize it effectively.


According to, “The pace of change requires companies to be able to react quickly to changing demands from customers and environmental conditions. Although prompt action may be required, decisions are increasingly complex as companies compete in a global marketplace.” The best way to make these changes and react quickly requires being able to access, understand, and manage your business data correctly!

Additionally an article on states that “Tracking and reviewing data from business processes helps you pinpoint performance breakdowns so you can better understand each part of the process and know which steps need to be optimized and which are performing well.”

Properly accessing and utilizing your company’s data is imperative to growth and keeping up with demanding markets and consumers desires and whims. We live in a world where people commonly have short attention spans and if we can’t keep up with the ever changing business market our companies can fail.

Enter Profisee. Profisee MDM “is a next generation master data management (MDM) company with a mission of innovating data management strategies by providing an easy to use, easy to deploy enterprise MDM platform.”  To aid you in your data management needs, they have compiled a list of 35 of the best MDM tools available on the market today. They have even done comparisons based on many different factors to give business owners a complete and compelling report to whittle through the exhaustive information of data management. They make it easy to quickly assess which MDM will fit the needs of your company to provide you with the best results.

Managing your data doesn’t have to stress you out! Utilizing strategies to best assess your data and making it work for you is mostly about finding the right fit of software and useful MDM tools. Profisee can help with that and take one thing off your ever growing list of things to do as a business owner!

Overcoming The Greatest Challenge of Working From Home

Working from home can be a great way to squeeze more from your life outside of work as it can be a great time saver.  Compare the commute from your bedroom to your home office to what the average person has to endure each day; which is a 45 minute commute; equating to 7.5 hours a week or 390 hours a year.  This is a full 48 working days a year spent on the way to and from work.

While there are clear convenience benefits in working from home there’s also one specific challenge that plagues everyone; that of focus, discipline and concentration.  Just like you require discipline to save money and invest it rather than spend it, this is true for time too. Similarly, to how you might want to check out acorn reviews on the financial front you might want to look into time management app reviews that can assist you in the area of productivity when working from home.

Here are five tips to help you focus when working from home:


It’s essential to set up a good space to work in that will allow you to feel comfortable and relaxed yet focused and productive.  You’ll want a distraction free environment that allows you to focus on the task at hand, and ideally, a feeling that differentiates your ‘home’ from your ‘home office’, but you don’t want it to be so relaxed it’s conducive to a state of lucid dreaming, as this really should be a place to work rather than relax.

This space should be your private area where you won’t be disturbed.  It should feel almost like an annex to your home rather than part of it, as this way, you’ll feel less distracted and tempted to watch Netflix in your comfy ergonomic chair and more focused on the task at hand.

  1. FOCUS

It’s all too tempting for your attention to drift anywhere other than on work; particularly with the advent of social media notifications, YouTube and Netflix.  You might have to parent yourself and set up your own ‘parental controls’ that allow you to restrict the content you’re able to access in order to remain focused.


Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse; on the one hand your commute is now limited to going from your bedroom to your home office, which has huge benefits in terms of convenience, but it can create a less focused emotional state if you’re used to a morning ritual of getting dressed in business attire (rather than sweatpants or your robe) and being around colleagues in a similar state of ‘working’.

The most important thing in terms of having a routine, is that it provides structure and keeps you focused – set yourself a lunch hour between a set time each day, or adopt the approach that many successful people take which is to get dressed for work, as if you were going to the office, rather than sitting around in your pajamas.


Social Media Influencers: Behrman Communications

When I started my mobile spa business this year I had to learn how to navigate the field of marketing. I have had network marketing businesses in the past, but this was different people have heard of so many of the network marketing companies and know immediately what the products are about when you say the company name. with my spa business I created the name and no one knew what it was. So I had to learn how to market and let people know I was offering my skincare and waxing services in a unique and different way.

As I started researching marketing I kept seeing the term social media influence and wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but I felt confident that it would benefit me and my business. So I looked it up and learned that Social Media Influence is a marketing term that describes an individual’s ability to affect other people’s thinking in a social online community. The more influence a person has, the more appeal that individual has to companies or other individuals who want to promote an idea or sell a product. Once I realized that is what it was I was on-board. Yes, I need this, as do so many other companies with an online presence. And let’s be honest, these days if you don;t have an online presence your business will founder. The days of the yellow pages are gone. Everyone looks things up online and in many cases their decision on whether or not to eat at a restaurant or utilize a specific company is based on the reviews of that business. So businesses need a positive and wide social media presence.

Enter Behrman Communications. Started by Nancy Behrman, Behrman Communications is a company that  realizes that “An effective communications plan must also harness the infinite power of the internet – this is how news and product information is reaching almost three-fourths of adult Americans today. With Behrman Communications’ extensive relationships with influential online editors and bloggers augmenting our widely-ranging traditional media connections in concert with in-house social media experts, we are able to give our brands a true, multidimensional presence.” This is the way to do business in 2018 and beyond, and Behrman Communications realizes that. They are a company that can help move businesses forward with a social media marketing strategy with a local, national and global presence.

In fact, according to an article on Forbes, 72% of millennials claimed they made purchases based on reviews on Instagram. Recognizing this, and using the experience she gained from her years in the public relations industry and building brands, Nancy Behrman and her team have successfully altered the public relations industry and utilized social media influencing to turn small ideas into multi-million dollar businesses with global recognition.

So if you have a business and you need help with social media influence and want to build your brand, you should check out Behrman Communications. Their Facebook and Instagram pages have beautiful pictures and lots of great information about brands. You can see their work and the quality that goes into each campaign they do.