Planning The Perfect Mexico Family Road Trip

If you’re looking for a great vacation destination to enjoy with your family, then look no further than Mexico. Mexico is a vast destination with some fascinating places to visit along the way, giving you plenty of variety for your family vacation.



If this sounds like the perfect summer vacation for your family, learn more about planning the perfect Mexico family road trip with the tips below.

1. Plan your itinerary in advance

While there is a lot of room for spontaneity during your Mexican road trip, there are also a lot of unknowns – which is why planning your itinerary in advance is a must. If you’re concerned about safety, then you can take a list of places considered safe to travel in Mexico to put your mind at ease. If you decide to drive all the way to the sunny and beach-filled Cancun, then you’ll have your pick of some great Mexican destinations.

2. Book your accommodation in advance

If you want to keep track of your spending during your road trip, then booking your accommodation in advance will help you to stick to your budget – as well as give you markers for where you need to be each day. You’ll find some fantastic hotels along the route, including the AC Hotel Queretaro Antea, which is located around two hours north of Mexico City. Choose hotels that offer breakfast to help you save money on dining, and hotels with a pool are great for relaxing after being on the road for so long.

3. Take plenty of entertainment

Road trips can seem like a great idea until the boredom and the bickering starts to set in. Make sure you keep the kids occupied using tablets, portable TVs and anything that will keep them entertained during your journey. Listening to audiobooks is also great for the parents to pass the time, so be sure to choose a good playlist.

4. Take in the culture

Mexican culture is rich and vibrant, and you should soak it up as much as possible during your trip. Take in the architecture, speak to the locals, and best of all – enjoy the food. Food is a big part of Mexican culture, and if your family love to eat South American dishes, then there are some great foodie destinations in Mexico that the whole family can enjoy. Invest in some guidebooks or bookmark some blogs to make sure you see the best that Mexico has to offer.

5. Be prepared

Any road trip should mean that you pack up the essentials to make sure that you have everything you need to get you through your trip. Knowing what you need for an emergency can help if you need first aid, get a punctured tire or one of you becomes sick during your trip. Make sure that all of your insurance is in place before you go, and remember to leave copies of your travel documents and itinerary with someone you trust back home.


A Mexican family road trip makes for the perfect summer vacation, and the ideal way to spend time together. Explore the possibilities and enjoy a trip that you’ll be talking about for decades to come.

Why I Love my Harris Teeter Pharmacy!

I have been very blessed in my life so far that I have had good health and have not required any daily medicine for chronic conditions.  I am also blessed that I have excellent health care because I served in the military for 20 years and have TRICARE! While TRICARE does have it’s inconveniences and difficulties, it is very affordable and has always covered all of my appointments, surgeries, etc. As a person who has spent over 30 years in the medical profession, (both military and civilian medicine) I am incredibly grateful for the healthcare insurance I have. I know so many others are not in that same situation.

One thing TRICARE does very well is cover medications at a very good price. When my kids were teenagers I worked in a Dermatology practice as a medical assistant and we prescribed acne medication on a daily basis. Many of our patients were unable to get their medicine without a fight with the insurance company and even when we did get approval from their insurances for them to get their medicine, sometimes their co-pays for their medicine was cost prohibitive for them and they could not get their medicine. For ACNE!! something so many people deal with! It should be easier for anyone to get medicine for such a mundane ailment. I wish I had known about the SingleCare savings card when I worked there. I am sure I could have saved my patients quite a bit of money. SingleCare is a company that offers a savings card to help you save money on prescriptions, vision care, dental care, and video Doctor visits!

My kids also dealt with acne and of course I took them to a doctor for medicine to help. TRICARE covered their medicine and while some of my patients paid high costs for their medications, we were fortunate that our co-pays were usually between $12.00 to $20.00.

I never really had a “pharmacy” that I used. I just got my prescriptions filled wherever. Then a Harris Teeter was built near us, and they offered a special deal that if we transferred our prescriptions to their pharmacy they would give us a coupon towards the cost of groceries. At that time I had 4 kids living at home, and three of them were teenage boys. YES! Sign me up for money off my groceries! I transferred any and all of our prescriptions immediately! I LOVE my Harris Teeter Pharmacy! They always help us with our prescriptions and have excellent customer service! My partner does deal with some chronic illnesses and we also transferred her prescriptions to our local Harris Teeter pharmacy also.

In fact one of these things she has now prescribed to her is a medication for her menopausal symptoms. Hot flashes, cold flashes, mood swings etc are no joke and so many women deal with these symptoms as they age. It is a natural phenomenon for most women and now there are medications that can help to minimize these symptoms. One of the medications that can help with these symptoms is Estrace. Click here to receive some information about Estrace, and an Estrace Coupon 2018.

How grateful I am that our Harris Teeter pharmacy helps us navigate our way through the confusing world of prescriptions and that SingleCare is available to save us money!


What Do You Need For An Emergency?

We live in Southeast Virginia. The state with weather that can change from hour to hour. For example, last week we had a HUGE snowstorm that dumped 12 inches of snow on the ground and essentially shut us (and the schools) down for 6 days! Then last week we had two days in the upper 60’s and today it is 20 degrees!!! Completely CRAZY! Oh and if that isn’t bad enough we also live in a hurricane prone area. So when hurricanes come up the east coast we have to pay attention, and since our house is across the street from water we have to pay particular attention to which direction the wind is coming from and where the waves are going.

So being prepared in the event of an emergency is very important to us, as an emergency can happen at any time. And even though we have a generator so we can have some electricity,  what if we get snowed in and cant get to the grocery store, or flooded and can’t get out of the neighborhood? Having emergency supplies on hand is very important!

I mean even something as basic as water may not be available. There have been times we have had to boil our water because the water is contaminated after a bug storm. Water is a basic human need, and while yes, you ca buy it, what if yor water supply is gone before the water is safe? And I am not talking about apocalyptic events…..just think back to a hurricane that decimated many Caribbean islands this past summer?

It can happen!

My Patriot Supply can help with these concerns. They provide water filtration systems, HepA air filters, emergency food, and even organic seeds s you can grow your own food if needed. Preparing for an emergency is important so in the event something happens you and your loved ones will be safe. Here is an interview with My Patriot Supply’s VP of Marketing Keith Bansemer , who is not only an employee but a consumer of the products he markets, as he “often enjoys spending his free time off the grid in a region of Idaho near Upper Priest Lake.”

In fact, My Patriot Supply was instrumental in helping with aid to the state of Florida after Hurricane Irma struck in 2017.  Hurricane Irma was a devastating storm that leveled many islands in the Caribbean and brought flood waters and high wind damage to many parts of Florida, but in particular the Florida Keys and Miami.

I visited Miami in November, and there were many houses I saw with tarps on the roofs, and hurricane damage that had yet to be repaired, so being able to provide essentials like food and water was an important part of keeping families safe. Thank goodness companies like My Patriot Supply, among others were there to serve and aid families and businesses in their time of need!

I hope that you never have to deal with an emergency situation or the possibility of having unsafe water or no food but the reality is that many of us live in hurricane, tornado or flood areas and can incur damage and indeed, life threatening situations to our homes and families. It is for these instances that preparing for an emergency is so important!!


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