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Why should I continue blogging?

When I started blogging 4 years ago, it was on a whim.  I knew I liked to write and my friend Patty was participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  I was absolutely positive I did NOT want to write a novel, however, that month is also NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month).  Now that was something I felt I could handle.  So I created a Blog called Glass Half Full, and started writing.  Looking back at those posts always brings a smile to my face.  They were so rough, and the writing was not at all the way I write now.

I suppose practice does create improvements because the more I have blogged, the better my writing has become.  Not that I am a brilliant writer now, or ever, but it is better now than it was then.

About a year after I started blogging I was approached by an acquaintance to ask if I wanted to blog together with her.  I said sure, and a wonderful friendship grew from our collaboration.  We blogged together for a couple of years, and we had a lot of fun.  Blogging with another person has its good points and bad points.  The good is that there is someone to share the work.  The posting, designing, etc.  My partner was awesome at finding cute backgrounds and would spend hours designing the look of the blog.  The bad part about blogging with someone is that you have to compromise.  You don’t have complete control of all the elements of the blog or the content.  I am a control freak, and that was a difficult piece of the partnership for me.  For a variety of reasons that partnership dissolved, and I was back to blogging on my own.

Now I am at a crossroad.  Not sure if I want to continue blogging or not.  I have had some successes blogging.  I have had a couple of blogs syndicated (meaning I was paid for them).  I have run some successful advertising blog campaigns with BlogHer (meaning I was paid for them), but I haven’t had the crazy success blogging that I dreamed about.  I dreamed about being the next “Pioneer Woman” or “Bloggess”.  Hell, even a small fraction of their success would have been a dream come true.

But dreams are a funny thing.  They are just dreams.  Hopes.  Wishes.  These dreams have not come true for me, and I wonder why I should even continue blogging?

I haven’t written in months.  There are times when I think of something and then think, “I should write about that”, but so many other things in my life require my attention, that it doesn’t get done.  I have an “idea” board next to my desk in my office, and even that has been blank recently.

My mother has criticized my blogging and I will admit that those criticisms have affected my desire to write.  A part of me says, “She doesn’t have to read the blog, if it bothers her”  and the other part of me wants my mother to be happy.

So I am trying to decide if it is really worth it to keep writing.  I don’t receive a lot of monetary compensation, or followers, or notoriety, but on the other hand, it makes me feel good, and there is this very small piece of me that has faith that SOMEONE out there enjoys reading what I write.

Time will tell.



NaBloPoMo is back. November 2013 I will write!!

I have been very very absent and my blog has become very very boring.  To be honest I have been having my ass seriously kicked by school this semester. I am in a Psychology 317 class which is statistics from hell! I have really been struggling in this class, and I am almost to the point of tears due to the  frustration.

Beyond that I am dealing with family situations here with my two young adult step children.  The teenagers are doing okay for now, so at least that is one less worry for me.

Because of these pulls on my time I have been blogging less and less, and I am truly glad that NaBloPoMo is here to motivate me to get back in the habit of writing.

So, here we go….

Writer’s Block…a bad place to be

I know I have been absent.  It is not because I haven’t had time to blog.  I have had a couple of days that were not too full this week.  To be honest it is because I have been suffering from a horrible case of writer’s block.

I have not been “inspired” to write about anything.  Sometimes I think I should carry around a little recorder in case I get an idea.  I used to have one, but I loaned it out to someone who had that very same idea, and it never made it home.  And since I don’t want to buy another one, I suppose that idea is out.  I do carry my phone with me almost everywhere I go, and I suppose I could look for a mini recorder app.  I am sure that would work just as well.

I did try to get some help for my writers block, so I put it on Facebook and asked for suggestions.  I got two responses.  One asking if I had tried the new Brownie Brittle?  She knows I have been trying to eat organic and watch my calories lately. Maybe she anted me to do a review?  ;-P  And another saying I could talk about why there are mosquitoes, etc.  To be honest, I have to say I am not sure what purpose mosquitoes have in the world?  Cockroaches either.  I know there are many bugs that have many valuable contributions.  Such as ladybugs, mayflys, silk worms.  The list goes on and on.  But mosquitoes?

So now I am going to put it out there to the rest of you.  Is there a topic that interests you?  Something you think I should write about?  Lat me know.  Unblock me!!!