Silent Sunday Even more photos from Barbados

So I am working on my laptop today!  I am sitting at a Panera while my son The Genius is at a Color Me Mine studio with his mentor Sunshine, (she is like everyone’s favorite Auntie…sweet, smart, fun, beautiful, cool, etc etc).  The Genius doesn’t have an Auntie on my side, so Sunshine fills that void for him!  I just love her to pieces!  Anyway, I have photos on here that I don’t have on my desktop (need to fix that today) of Barbados:

My nephews at the pool
Joe Cool….ummm not sure what he’s doing in the pool…. 🙂
Flamboyant tree outside villa
The Genius was so tired after the first day he fell asleep with his iPod in his hand.
Sleeping iPod in his hand…
Pool and back of Villa
Back of villa from poolside
Name of villa
front of villa
Nidhe Synagogue. The oldest synagogue in Barbados
Cemetery at Nidhe Synagogue, Bridgetown Barbados
Women’s bathhouse at Nidhe Synagogue
Altar with Torah inside at Nidhe Synagogue, Bridgetown Barbados
Joe Cool reading the 10 Commandments….I now have proof he has seen them. 🙂
Joe Cool rfising his camera Grandmother gave him inside Nidhe Synagogue
Joe Cool and my brother “The Old Man” at the synagogue
Joe Cool in Bridgetown Barbados.
Joe Cool and my nephew GI Joe in front of the bathhouse
The Genius outside the synagogue


More later.  🙂


Silent Sunday Pictures from Barbados

It is NaBloPoMo and I am supposed to blog every fay.  I am exhausted, and a Photo blog is a blog, so here goes.  One of the places we went to in Barbados was the Animal Flower cave.    It is a cave by the sea with beautiful anemones and a steep climb.  This place has a spacial meaning for me, and I want to share pictures from the Animal Flower cave with you all.

The visitors area above the cave. That is The Genius next to the sign. My mother is the woman behind him.


Top of the cave looking north. Beautiful!


In the cave.


Natural hole made by waves crashing against the rocks over thousands of years!


Inside the cave.


Looking out through the hole from close up.




Standing on the ground above the cave,.



From inside the cave looking north.


They call this hole the “mouth” because the rock formation looks like a uvula in the back of a mouth.


This rock formation looks like an alligator or crocodile. Can you see it??