Delicous meals with The Neighborhood Harvest

I have been blogging for many years. In those years I have been contacted by companies to sample their products and write about them. Some have been fun, some have been okay and some not so great. Recently I was contacted by Rebecca from The Neighborhood Harvest about trying some of their locally grown greens and writing a review about them. This one I was really excited about! For complete transparency I received these greens for free, but that will not keep me from writing a completely honest review. The great news about that is I TRULY did REALLY like everything I tried!! If you want to sign up for delivery and use the coupon code COFFEE your $15.00 fee will be waived!!!  Whoop Whoop!!!

So The Neighborhood Harvest is a company that delivers greens to your door in Hampton Roads.

From their website:

“Simply put, we farm the Finest Greens, Lettuces and Herbs for Delivery To Your Door Within A Day of Harvest.

You’re gonna love this service!

Our greenhouse farm is not weather-dependent allowing us to deliver freshly-cut greens year round.  Delivery within a day of harvest yields plants with two-three times more shelf-life than store bought greens.  Yet we are comparably priced.

There is no other source of greens and lettuces that are: 

*Delivered to your door the day after harvest.

*Sustainable, Beyond Organic, Pesticide and GMO free.

*Locally grown in Suffolk, VA reducing your environmental footprint and supporting the local economy.

*The most incredible flavor!”

We received quite a few of their products to check out and I was happy because the things Rebecca sent were not greens we usually eat so on top of checking out their items we were able to try some new things also. Win Win!

We received the following items from The Neighborhood Harvest:

Two heads of Bibb Lettuce

Bibb Lettuce
Bibb Lettuce

Two baby Bok Choy

Babyu Bok Choy- was in the fridge, hence the condensation
Baby Bok Choy- was in the fridge, hence the condensation




China Rose Microgreens
China Rose Microgreens


Sweet Basil
Sweet Basil

Okay, so here is my assessment of the greens. I really liked the Bibb lettuce. We mixed it with our romaine and made a salad. It was fresh and lasted a week in the plastic container. (it probably would have lasted longer, but we ate it all within a week, it was so good. NONE was wasted!). Mixed with a head of romaine there easily enough lettuce for two salads for Karol, my 17 year old and myself. It was tasty and crisp and very fresh. It had a taste like it was just picked and was clean and didn’t even need to be washed. I was very happy with it.

We added the microgreens to the salad for some variety, but they definitely could have been eaten on their own. I think they would be very tasty in a sandwich! I had never tasted these before, and they had a fresh radish taste. I am not a fan of radishes, but I really liked the way the microgreens tasted. They had that bite that a radish has but it wasn’t too pungent, it was fresh and tasty. We added the greens to the salad, and it was truly delicious!! The greens added a really nice taste to what could otherwise be a boring salad.

Romaine, Bibb lettuce and China Rose microgreens. YUM!
Romaine, Bibb lettuce and China Rose microgreens. YUM!

It was so good y’all!!!  For real!!!

We had a stirfry and used the baby bok choy. It was fresh and tasted so good! When we usually use store bought bok choy I don’t always use the leaves because they are a bit wilted. These leaves weren’t and we used the whole thing (but I forgot to take a picture).

Because I want to be completely transparent I have to say that I tried the arugula and didn’t like it. Not because their arugula was not good, but because I didn’t like the way arugula tasted. So I gave it to my neighbor who loves arugula on the condition she sent me a picture of what she made with it and gave me an honest review of the Arugula, and this is what she said:

The salad my friend made with the arugula
The salad my friend made with the arugula

Her review: “I made a Greek salad with balsamic vinaigrette, feta cheese and black olives. I consider that it was very good and tasted very fresh. I noticed that it was stronger in flavor than my regular arugula so it was maybe a little harder to get used to it but I suppose it’s because it’s more natural. On appearance it looks great I also noticed the leaf was bigger in size, more similar to spinach leaf. I liked also that it seems to last longer, staying dry and crispy without spoiling versus the regular one you get from the supermarket.”

The last thing we used was the sweet basil. I used it to make one of my favorite summer meals, caprese panini.

before grilling
before grilling

After grilling with the yummy salad:

Best. Dinner. Ever.
Best. Dinner. Ever.

Now I will say that the basil from The Neighborhood Harvest, while tasty, did not have as much flavor as the basil I grow in my backyard. Not sure if that is because it is grown hydroponically, or not, but while it was good, it could be more flavorful.

Overall I was very very pleased with the greens I tried, and my friend Yancel was pleased with the arugula. The cost is awesome: a large weekly box which is only $16.00!! Here is a description of what is in a large box:

This box option is perfect for subscribers who like a changing variety in their weekly delivery.  We bring you different flavors each week depending on what is growing best!

Feeds 3 – 4 people.Details:

– 1 Large clamshell of Mesclun Mix

– 1 Large clamshell of Rotating Green #1

– 1 Large clamshell of Rotating Green #2

– 1 Tray of Microgreens

A medium box is $12.00 and a small box is $10.00. For more information you should definitely check them out at The Neighborhood Harvest.

There is a one time $15.00 fee to set up your account but you can use your own cooler on the front porch and then the cost is just for the greens you order. There is a $2.00 delivery fee for any orders under $10.00.

Their delivery area is quite large:

“What areas do you deliver to?
Currently we deliver to most of north and east Virginia Beach as well as areas around the farm in Suffolk.  These areas include Towne Center area, Kings Grant, Little Neck, Northhampton Blvd to Shore Dr, Shore Dr at Northhampton to the Oceanfront, Oceanfront to Laskin to Great Neck corridor; Suffolk city, north Suffolk and Western Branch. If you are unsure if you are in our delivery area, please give us a call or email, or complete a customer profile using the Sign Up button on the homepage and we will contact you asap.”

So my advice for you if you are a local to Hampton Roads is the The Neighborhood Harvest is a great way to get delicious, fresh, safely grown greens, herbs and microgreens delivered to your home for your family’s eating pleasure!!!
I know I will be ordering from them!


CO2Fit in Richmond: Fun, Fast and Fab workouts!

So I have been working out for years. And by years I mean YEARS!!! I joined the Navy in 1984 and I guess that is when I started working out. Of course I worked out in Boot Camp, and to be honest, I was blessed to be given “extra” workouts during bootcamp. Now they call it punishment, but when I was there it was just “extra” workouts meant to “teach” us proper discipline…hmmmpphhhh.

Anyway, I digress. I have been working out forever it seems. Some years, months and weeks more than others, but I have always had the gym as part of my life. When you spend years and years (when you add it together), working out you need to change things up in order not to get bored, and thereby complacent in your exercise. I have done step aerobics, water aerobics, Jillian Michaels, Dancing to the Oldies (remember that one), among others, and have been a member of many different gyms over the years.

However, because I have lived in places where it gets cold and snows, sometimes getting to the gym isn’t possible, or to be quite frank, I just don’t want to go out in the cold. So to find a workout I can do in my home that is good enough and interesting enough that 1) I don’t get bored and 2) I actually get sweaty and achieve a good workout is a great thing for me.

So when I was asked to try a workout I could do at home by a local Virginia business owner, I was like, “YES!”. Within a few days I received a link to download a video to my computer from a gym called CO2fit, based in Richmond Virginia. Their “About” page says this about the gym:

Created by Coach Seo Kelleher, CO2Fit is your health and fitness resource in Richmond, Virginia to help you meet all your health goals. More than a gym or fitness studio, CO2Fit is building into a brand with bigger ideas and a bigger vision: Your Challenge, Together.”

Now, to be honest I am not the most technologically adept person, and I had a hard time downloading the file to my computer. I wanted to load it onto a DVD that I could play and watch the video on my TV. CO2fit owner Seo Kelleher was so patient with my lack of tech abilities. She even sent me a DVD so I could try the workouts, and promised to make sure I got what I needed to check out the workout video. I thought that was awesome and her actions spoke volumes to me about her character and helpfulness. I liked her before I even checked out her coaching abilities.

I finally just gave up putting it on a DVD and just downloaded the Fighting Fit video to my laptop and set it up so I could watch and workout! And boy was I glad I did!

Fighting Fit by Co2fit gym.
Fighting Fit by Co2fit gym.

I liked almost everything about the DVD. To be honest I LOVED everything about the workouts. Within just a few minutes I had worked up a good sweat, and the workouts were easy to follow, while at the same time getting my heart rate up, FAST! I also liked that Seo had two other instructors with her performing the exercises at a “high” level and a “low” level so the exercises were compatible to everyone, no matter what your current fitness level is!

The video had four 15 minute workouts combining cardio and abdominal work. One day I had virtually no time to workout, and had to do just one 15 minute workout, but Seo did not disappoint. I was definitely sweaty and felt like I had actually done a lot of good for my body in just 15 minutes. Th next day I had more time and did a full 30 minute workout. I was sore the next day (which I love by the way), and really enjoyed the workout.

To be completely transparent there were two things I didn’t love about the video, but I totally understand why they were in place. At the beginning and end of each segment a boxing bell clangs. After a while the clanging bell annoyed me, but that is probably more about me and my low annoyance threshold (I have teenagers who contribute a lot to making this threshold low).

The only other thing I would change if I could, would be to add music. To solve that I just played Pandora on my phone. I am very “beat” driven and like to keep time with music while I exercise. But again, that is more about me than the video or it’s content.

So bottom line is I really enjoyed the video, felt like I got a great workout and I think the owner of CO2fit, Seo Kelleher is the bomb!!!!

You can also get this workout download for only $20.00 and if you use the coupon given to me by Seo you will get 20% off of that price making your download only $16.00.  For an HOUR of working out! That you can do in your own home.  Pretty dang good deal, in my opinion!

Fighting fit download on the website
Fighting fit download on the website

To be honest, if I lived closer to Richmond, I would join Seo’s gym. The classes look like fun, the prices are very reasonable, and they also offer workshops.

Anyway, check out Co2fit, and their Fighting Fit workout. You can use this coupon when you order your download: CCC15.

To order your digital download, go to CO2fit, click on the picture that says “FIGHTINGFIT HOME WORKOUT VIDEO” buy now. You can use the coupon code above: CCC15 to receive 20% off of your digital download!

I am quite sure you will enjoy this workout as much as I did!

My foray into Network Marketing

So this is the reason I haven’t been blogging as often as I used to. That plus the holidays, and finals, and well, just plain life. But mostly because I ventured into the world of Network Marketing. So I want to tell you about my foray into Network Marketing.

Now, mind you this wasn’t my first time entering the NW world. Back in the 90’s I stumbled onto another one (that shall remain nameless) via my boss in the Navy, and gave that a whirl, but it really didn’t pan out for me. I don;t really remember why, although what I DO remember that I really didn’t like about it was all of the secrecy surrounding what we were doing. For example when you wanted to pitch the business to a “prospect” you couldn’t tell them what kind of meeting they were coming to see, like we were afraid to mention the company. And when we did get someone to attend a meeting it was an hour long sales pitch that didn’t mention the company name until already 30 minutes into the presentation. I just felt uncomfortable with all the secrecy and after a couple of years I let my business license lapse.

In 2004, I was about to retire from the Navy and I was invited to a “party” one of my friends was having. It was a company called Arbonne, and they had skin care and body care products. I went to the party because I was friends with the hostess, and I wanted to support her business.I went and wanted to buy something to help her out. I had just started experiencing some symptoms of perimenopause and I saw a cream in the catalog that was supposed to help with them. I bought it completely expecting it NOT to work, and I was shocked when it actually did. Since I wanted to get a discount on this product because I knew I would continue to need it, so I went ahead and became a consultant with Arbonne.

arbinne products

Now I will say that things were very different in Arbonne in 2004 than they are now. We didn’t have all of the products that are available these days, and of course we didn’t have the internet the way we do now, and it was definitely more difficult to do a NW business, but somehow we all managed.  I was somewhat successful building my business, but then I had a traumatic personal event, and I stopped building my business, but I kept my business license for years.

Finally about three years ago I let my license lapse, and didn’t think much about it. Then two years ago I was invited to an Arbonne event here in my neighborhood and went. I still loved the products and in the back of my mind I still wanted to be an Arbonne consultant. I went ahead and signed back up with my friend Donna who invited me to her party that day, and started purchasing the products again for myself and my family.

My focus was a little different this time. I had recently switched over to organic foods and organic body products, and Arbonne’s vegan, botanically based products fit into my life even more than ever! I didn’t purchase every month, but when I did I was always happy with the products!

I LOVE being an Arbonne consultant. What keep me motivated about the company is their compensation plan. It is fair to me. I DON”T get paid to recruit people. I only get pad AFTER I have taught and trained someone to be successful. I like that! People I sign up can easily pass me and make more money than I do. I think that is fair and I like that. The Network Marketing business model is awesome, but if you are interested in any network marketing company I would urge you to research them and check out their compensation plan, their promotion ability, bonuses, etc.

I LOVE the fact that I am in a company that has VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, and KOSHER products. That we are a cruelty free company and DON’T test on animals. That our products don’t contain mineral oil, parabens, phalates or artificial dyes and fragrances. I have been in the skin care business for over 10 years, and I have always believed in botanically based products, and Arbonne products fall into line with my own beliefs about products, teamwork, and empowerment of people perfectly.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have. If you want to try our products I am happy to send you samples. I believe VERY strongly in trying before buying so you don’t waste even a penny of your hard earned cash. This is what I am doing now for a living, and I am now loving what I do and doing what I love, as opposed to just punching a time clock and trading time for dollars….


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