My random brain

If you are anything like me, you have lots of random thoughts going on in your brain at any given time.  Sometimes my brain is a scary place, I know it scares Bluebell, I am pretty sure it scares the NewYorRican, and I know it sure as hell scares me!!  I sometimes wonder if everyone else’s brain is as random as mine, so sometimes I share my thoughts with others so I can see if they think the way I do.

Just the other day I walked over to the NewYorRican’s house, and was  thinking on the way there – I mean really, what else could I do…well, I could talk to myself out loud, but then I am just solidifying my less than stellar grip on normalcy to anyone walking or driving by.  This is my neighborhood after all, so that is not the best idea.  If I want to talk to myself out loud I need to go to someone else’s neighborhood, so people who see me will think, “That chick is crazy as shit, I sure am glad she doesn’t live in my neighborhood”- anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, I was walking over to the NewYorRican’s house and thinking.  So to my mind my thought processes makes sense, but I am sometimes unsure so when I get to her house, I’m all, “Hey I am going to tell you what I was thinking on the walk over here.  Tell me if it seems normal to you.”  She’s all, “Sure girl”, giving me confidence that as my bestie she will be nonjudgmental……..

So I start telling her my thoughts and how one thought worked it’s way to the next.  It seemed like a perfectly plausible chain of thoughts to me, but I watched her face change from open and listening, to confused, to just plain horrified….(so much for besties who hide the truth for the benefit of their friend……sigh…..)

When I was done telling her my thoughts, her face looked something like the picture above.

Just imagine the face in the picture with with long dark brown hair, a beautiful caramel Latina skin tone, and voila…Janet Leigh becomes The NewYorRican.
So here are the thoughts I had exactly as I thought them:

“It is a pretty day outside, I really like how the leaves look.  It wasn’t this pretty last year, it was too warm.  Oh my gosh, the office at work today was so warm.  I was hot and sweaty, gross. I wonder if I was hot and sweaty because I haven’t taken my Mensosense in a few days?  Oh gosh, I think I am almost out of Mensosense, I better get the Vitamin Shoppe to get some more. Oh, maybe I can go there tomorrow when I see that patient at the Virginia Beach Office.  Oh and I really need to stop at BJ’s.  The boys don’t have any snacks and I should get them some.  You know, that reminds me that I need to ask the boys if that necklace I found on the floor in the hall belongs to any of them.  Gosh, you know, I haven’t called the jewelry store to check to see if my jewelry has come back from the repair shop yet. Maybe I can stop there on my way back from Virginia Beach tomorrow when I see that patient and get the boys some snacks.  You know the boys really need to clean their rooms tonight when they get home from school. Oh yeah tonight is Monday, Bluebell won’t be home tonight, she has class.  What am I going to make for dinner?  I better check that when I get back from having coffee with The NewYorRican.  I wonder what she is making for dinner.  Did I remember to tell her about that thing that happened last week? Gosh it sure is a pretty day out today.”

And then boom, I have arrived at her front door.  Please tell me I am not the only one whose brain works like that.

Suffolk Restaurant week- We found a WINNER!

Bluebell and I enjoy eating dinner out.

We enjoy eating dinner out WITHOUT our kids.

That may sound selfish, but we buy them pizza and they are so happy they get pizza and no parental involvement of their PS3 and computer time, that they don’t mind in the least!!

I subscribe to the Suffolk News Herald on Facebook, and it keeps me in the loop of the happenings of the town in which I live.  Last week as I was scrolling through my timeline I saw an article on the Suffolk News Herald that it was Restaurant week in Suffolk! 

I was really excited.  Last year our friends S and A had invited us to join them for dinner during Restaurant week, and we enjoyed a fabulous meal at the Vintage Tavern.  We really enjoyed dinner there last year, especially the Pumpkin Pie martini….yum!

I wanted to go somewhere else and perused the list to see what caught my eye.  I scrolled down and saw the River Stone Chophouse on the list.  That is a restaurant that is only a few minutes from our home, but I had heard it was terribly expensive, so I had not suggested to Bluebell that we dine there.  But this was Restaurant Week! That meant they had a three course menu that was price fixed at $30.00 per person for dinner!  I could afford that, so I looked at their menu and asked Bluebell to make us dinner reservations!

When we arrived we were greeted by the staff.  They were very polite and professional.  We were taken to our table, and our server was amazing!! He was very familiar with the menu and the specials and was able to answer all of our questions knowledgeably.

We looked over the menu and tried to decide on something.  It all looked amazing, but we made our choices.  Bluebell started with a ceasar salad, and I had the Chefs special soup which was a black bean and andouille sausage chili.  It had wonderful flavor, and was not too spicy.  There was a small dollop of sour cream on top to cool it down some.  The beans were tender, and there was a hint of lime, which just made the flavors coalesce so well together!

For our entrees Bluebell had teriyaki Ahi Tuna and I had a New York Strip steak.  The steak was melt in your mouth tender and cooked just the way I like it (medium) with just the right amount of pink.  I have NEVER had Ahi, and have been told how wonderful it is. I am a skeptic as I have never had a fish dish I enjoyed, but I tried Bluebell’s tuna steak anyway.  It was wonderful.  It was so mild, and the teriyaki sauce was quite tasty.  I am now sold on how yummy a tuna steak can be when it is coked correctly!  We also ordered an item off the menu.  The seasonal vegetable was a stuffed acorn squash.  I have never had acorn squash, but was willing to try new things and so I had some with Bluebell.  It was really tasty!  I will say that I am just not a squash fan, and have never really had a squash I enjoy, but I did eat some and thought it was pretty good!  Bluebell who is a lover of squash thought it was amazing, so there you go!

Then we came to my favorite part of the meal, dessert.  (The dessert choices were actually the reason I wanted to try the Chop House when I looked over the menus for Restaurant Week.)  We both ordered the same thing:  the Flourless Chocolate Torte with raspberry sauce.  SWEET. BABY. JESUS.   It was all we could do not to lick the plate!!!  It was dense, and not too sweet, and chocolatey and all the things I would expect from a flourless torte and then some!  I have enjoyed flourless chocolate tortes and cakes in my day, but this one was perfection!  I was so full I had a hard time finishing it, but that was not a torte to waste!  I ate every bite!  Bluebell, who had never had flourless chocolate torte before was in such dessert heaven I thought I saw her eyes roll into the back of her head!

We will SO be going back to Rover Stone Chop House!  I was so impressed with their service, ambiance and best of all, their amazing food!  We are believers, and feel so lucky to have found an amazing restaurant with delicious food so close to home!!