How to Become a LipSense Distributor!

Want to stay at home with your kids and still build a profitable business?

Then SeneGence is the answer for you. With LipSense’s increasing popularity products are flying off the shelves. I literally have complete strangers contact me on social media to buy from me. What other direct sales company is like that?!

I decided to write this post on how to become a LipSense distributor because I am frequently asked how to get started. I wanted to share a little bit with you about my journey, the compensation plan for SeneGence and how you can sign up and start selling in five minutes!


Back in early 2011 I was blessed to be able to go back to school full time using my GI Bill. It had always been a dream of mine to go to college but being a single mom and having to work to pay the bills always came first.

As I neared graduation, I realized I did not want to go back to work full time and I began looking for other opportunities. So I started my own business and it allowed me to not work full time. Between that business and a very part time job at a local dermatologist office, I made as much as I would with a full time job.
I was so excited and dove head first into running my business. In fact I also started working as a skin care specialist building my clientele with the idea of starting another business with home spa care.

I have always loved empowering women whether it be through owning their own businesses or providing skin care services that improve their skin and therefore make them feel more beautiful. A woman who feels good about herself is empowered and can change the world!!!

So now my passion is empowering women by showing them how they can start their own businesses too! 

I have now started three profitable businesses including being a LipSense distributor. So you may be wondering how does LipSense compare to the other businesses I’ve started?

  • The investment is way lower to get started (Only $55!) 
  • You can start making a profit so much faster! 
  • There isn’t a ton of inventory you have to carry
  • And there is way more support because you have a sponsor that can guide you and coach you! 

My first 10 days selling, I sold over $500 worth of product without pressuring my friends or family one bit! Want to know how? I teach all of the ladies on my team how to leverage social media to build profitable businesses without being salesy.


Here are five of my favorite things about being a LipSense distributor, 

1.  20-50% off all orders. A makeup lovers DREAM!
2.  It is only $55 to sign up! You can start your own business for the cost of a nice date night!
3.  The income potential is HUGE! This company is growing so fast right now that you have the opportunity to capitalize on that growth and make a full-time income.
4.  You can earn free trips 🌴  a free car 🚙  and free products 💄
5. It is an easy sale. With my marketing strategies I have people COMING TO ME for a sale. I never have to hound people down in order to make a sale.


Here is a little bit of information about SeneGence’s generous compensation plan,

It costs $55 to become a LipSense distributor. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs. It’s $55 once a year. Period. (Plus, when you signup on my team I will ship you a free LipSense color. Yay for FREE makeup!).

You automatically get 20% off all product and up to 50% depending on how much you spend! So you can become a distributor just to purchase product for yourself, or you can go about this to make money!! And the money is amazing. Like I said in my first 10 days I sold over $500 worth of product and I was just getting started. My sponsor only signed up seven months ago and she is making $3,000 a month just through her team commissions! That is all while being a stay-at-home mom to three kids!

How to become a LipSense-distributor

LipSense is seriously so easy to sell! A lipstick that doesn’t come off? I’m not kidding, all your neighbors, friends, and family are going to want you to order them some. If you want to be serious about it you could have Facebook parties, rent a booth out at bridal fairs, and the list goes on and on!!! So it really just depends on what you want to do with it and how much money you want to make!

If you become a part of my team I’m going to give loads of social media advice and how to sell without being salesy. I’ve started  three profitable businesses and have been using social media for years to promote my businesses and I have tons of tricks up my sleeve. I can’t wait to mentor you and help you build a business you love!

So if you are ready to get moving on it already, follow the steps below to get started. And if you are still interested but have more questions, leave a comment on this post or shoot me an email at


• Go to

• Click on “Click here to sign-up now”

How to become a LipSense distributor

• When it asks for your sponsor’s ID number you’ll put 409526 (it should tell you that Carol Rood is your sponsor)

• You’ll click individual account

• Confirm that I am your sponsor. Woohoo! I can’t wait to get to know you! 😊

• It will then take you to a new screen where you will enter in all of your contact information

• When it asks for a fictitious business name you’ll put your first and last name! (This is the name they’ll make the commission checks out to).

• Click that you want the new distributor package. ($55)

• And you are done! You are officially a LipSense distributor!


I’ll get an email from SeneGence that you joined my team and I will help you get started! I have a private Facebook group for my team where I coach my ladies on how to market, use social media and the best practices to grow their business.

P.S. As a welcome gift you will receive a free color of your choice from me when you sign up under me and place your first order! 

I can’t wait to chat with you about your goals and where you want to take your business!

Do you have any other questions about how to become a LipSense distributor? If so, please  email me and I can send the package below or send me an email at!

Have more questions?


Comment with your name and email and I’ll email you more information on the discount and commissions structure, answers to frequently asked questions and a little more about our team!

Bully sticks- bull pizzle

Recently I was dog sitting for a friend and noticed a chew treat called a bully stick on the counter. The dog I was watching is a puppy and finished his last little piece of rawhide, so I gave him the bully stick. He really liked it and I was intrigued.

We don’t give Bailey The Dog rawhide treats because Karol doesn’t think it is safe for dogs to have that, so I am always on the lookout for a chew that isn’t rawhide (which is basically just leather) that I think Bailey The Dog will enjoy.

In the next few days I went to the pet store to get a new litter box and saw the bully sticks by the front door. So to make sure we weren’t just giving him cow skin I looked at the ingredients. There was ONE ingredient listed: bull pizzle. So Bully sticks- bull pizzle

I was like, “what the heck is bull pizzle?” So I asked the clerk if he knew what bull pizzle was and he said no. Now at this point in the story I need to say that I am glad that I didn’t just google it right then and there. Often I just ask Siri if I have a question, but thankfully my hands were full carrying the new litter box so I didn’t pull out my phone and ask Siri. And do you know WHY I am so glad I didn’t ask…….(wait for it)


Bull Pizzle is bull PENIS!!!!! Yes you read that right….bull PENIS!!

So basically the butcher killed the bull, made some steak, made some hamburger, then cut off his penis and stuck in in the drying machine and sold it as a dog treat?!?!! I am going to put a picture of a Bully Stick right here. And this picture is a dog with it in his mouth so you can get an idea of the dimensions of exactly how long a bully stick is……


I mean I am a city girl, definitely NOT a country girl, but it never occurred to me that a bull penis could be so long…….

Well, needless to say, poor Bailey probably won’t be getting a bully stick to chew on. I guess he will have to be satisfied with his Dentastix for now…..

Happy day y’all!!



Love is what makes a family!

A few years ago I wrote a blog about how my oldest son Zachary wrote a paper for English when he was 15. In the paper he wrote that he thought his “gay mom was cool”. In the years that have passed since I wrote that blog post (he is now 20) a LOT has happened.  Some good, some not so good and some great!

When my partner Karol and I first decided to blend our families together, we definitely had concerns. We were concerned about what the kids would think,  about Karol’s job (she was on Active Duty in the era of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell), about what the community would think, about what our families would think (her family didn’t know), among others. What we found were that some of those concerns were very valid, and some weren’t as big a deal as we thought they would be.

Where it all started

Where it all started

When we came together as a family our kids were 13, 11, 8 and 6. Our main concern was the oldest, as she had already started rebelling and was NOT happy about another adult in her life “telling her what to do”. The boys were not as complicated and didn’t seem to care at all.

First family vacation 2007...the girl refused to get in the photo....

First family vacation 2007…the girl refused to get in the photo….

Fast forward 14 years. The kids are now 24, 22, 20 and 17. Looking back on the way our family has evolved I can tell you there were some good years and some not so good years.  Our daughter did end up moving in with her dad for a few years to avoid “a new adult telling her what to do”, and that ended up being a disaster. Her father was a very ineffective parent and even though Katarina was living with him, Karol still ended up doing most of the parenting. AND she was having to do it while her ex husband AND his wife were working against her.  Those were some of the not so good years. Then she ended up having to come live with us her senior year because her father “didn’t want to deal with her crap anymore”, and that was another not so good year.

All the kids Christmas 2008

All the kids Christmas 2008

The boys never really gave us the same problems, and living with them was not perfect, but definitely not as problematic as with our daughter.

All of us in 2010. Photo courtesy of Leila Wylie.

All of us in 2010. Photo courtesy of Leila Wylie.

However, even in all of that drama and family conflict we had lots and lots of fun! We vacationed together, and laughed and played, and went to high school graduations, and proms, and all of the things many many other families do.

As I have talked more with other parents about our family struggles I have come to realize that LOTS of other families had trouble with one or more of their kids. And not just gay families, but straight families too. And not just step families, but also all biological families. And not just girls or the oldest, or the whatever.

ALL families have some complications, or stress, or a kid that acts out, or fails a grade, or smokes weed, or gets in trouble at school, or cracks up the car, or rebels, or a million other things that kids do and families deal with. Death, divorce, drama, fights, sorrows, joys, etc.

I guess my point is that ALL families are essentially more the same than different. So during this week of PRIDE I want to say that what I have learned in the past 14 years of raising my family, is that we are the same as a million other families out there. The fact that this family has two moms does not really play much of a part in it. Because in the end what truly makes a family a family is the love we have for each other and that we work together to overcome obstacles and dealing with “stuff”.  A family is not about biology, but about love!

And to be honest, my “family” is much more than my partner and kids! I have people in my life I call my “chosen” family. Women I consider sisters, men I consider brothers, and many kids I love to pieces!!

They are my family, and I am so blessed to have them!!

Because what it boils down to is that: