4 Things To Do Every Day To Keep Your Brain Young

We all know how important it is to exercise your body, but what about your brain? As you get older, your brain function starts to decline and this leads to a range of different problems, ranging from simple forgetfulness up to diagnosed conditions like dementia. If you want to keep your brain sharp and slow this aging process, exercise is absolutely essential. Unless you keep using your brain and challenging yourself, cognitive decline will set in much faster. The good news is, there are plenty of simple things that you can do every day if you want to keep your brain young. 

Do Some Puzzles 

Puzzles are a brilliant way to give your brain a workout and improve your cognitive ability. Simple things like crosswords or fill ins don’t take that long to do but they encourage you to flex your intellectual muscles on a daily basis. Next time you sit down to watch TV, why not try your hand at a puzzle instead? The great thing is, it doesn’t even matter if you’re good at puzzles or not, your brain will still benefit from the process, so don’t be afraid to give it a try. 

Play Some Games 

Playing games is another great habit to get into if you want to look after your brain. There are so many great card games or board games that involve counting, memory skills, puzzle solving, and strategy, which all improve brain function. Video games have also been shown to give the brain a good workout. So, it doesn’t really matter what kind of games you play, it will still have a positive impact, especially if you play with other people because you have the added benefit of socialization. 

Read A Book 

Reading a book is another simple but effective exercise to help improve your brain power. When we watch TV, we are engaged in a passive exercise that doesn’t give our brain a workout. However, reading is a more active exercise because your brain is encouraged to create images, so it gives you a mental workout. Even if it’s just a magazine or a newspaper, you should get into the habit of reading every day. 

Get Some Exercise 

 People often make the mistake of thinking that exercise is just about physical health, but it actually has a big impact on your mental health too. Exercising is a good way to maintain a healthy weight and improve your heart health, and it will also slow down cognitive decline in a big way. That’s why regular exercise is one of the best ways of looking after your health as you age. Getting into the habit of daily exercise is a great thing to do for your brain health and if you start now, it’s much easier to keep up with it as you get older. You don’t have to go running or hit the gym every single day to feel the benefits either. A brisk walk for half an hour a day is still good for your physical and mental health, so if you find exercise daunting, why not start there? 


If you get into the habit of doing these 4 things every day, you can keep your brain young and prevent cognitive decline.


Outsourcing On A Budget

When you choose to work for yourself, it can be a little lonely. Usually, you don’t have anyone working for you at the beginning and when you do get to the point of needing other people, you’re already overwhelmed and overworked. Instead of trying to hire people who will work for you full time, why not turn to outsourcing? Oh, your budget is low? Every time you try to outsource, your budget is standing in your way, and it becomes a pain! You want to offload some of the work, but you can’t afford the extra sets of hands you need. Whether it’s a whole new IT team or you need help with your marketing from SunCity Advising, you need to figure out a way to outsource that works for you. There are ways you can manage to outsource on a budget, though, and we’ve got a few solutions for you below.

  • Choose Just One. What’s the one thing that you want to outsource more than anything in your business? Whether it’s your digital marketing strategy, your administration or your IT, you need to look at what you want to outsource as a priority. The piece of the puzzle that requires your full attention needs to be outsourced first, as then you can focus on the rest of your business. This can help  you to save a lot of money as you’re not outsourcing everything; just a piece.
  • No Motivation? Whichever piece of your business that you hate working in the most, you need to let that piece go! Everyone has a piece of their day they hate, whether it’s the invoicing or the sales calls. Which is the part you detest doing? You can call in the experts to take it over for you and breathe easy that you’ve got the rest of your business handled.
  • Go Small. You don’t have to outsource your entire marketing department from the get go – start smaller than that and outsource your social media consultant first. Or choose to outsource your print advertising needs. You can start with one element of one department and move forward from there as your company builds enough of a profit to expand.
  • Earning More. If you know that you are struggling to keep up with some elements of your business, you will be able to outsource the tasks that affect your profits the most. If you need help with something that consumes a lot of your time, you need to call in the experts to make it work for you.


You don’t need to have a huge amount of a budget in the bank to outsource elsewhere – you just need to know where to start! Building your team slowly over time with outsourcing is the way to go and the internet has made it very easy to find the right experts who can help you. You should be methodical in your approach and have a plan in place. You can then layer your business and continue to grow your revenue all at once!


The Best Ways to Scale Your Business

If your business has been running successfully for some time and seems to have strong foundations it may be time to think about scaling the business and increasing your revenue. This might seem simple on the face of it but in reality, it can be difficult to strike the balance. You need to have the capacity for expansion in terms of infrastructure and personnel, along with effective investment and business strategy. Below are some things to look out for. 


If you’re a small business looking to scale you won’t be unfamiliar with funding options and challenges. To get your business off the ground you might have a bank loan or investment of some kind supporting you. Depending on your success you may need further funding to scale. If your business is ready to scale or you want to take advantage of a unique opportunity in the marketplace further funding is available. Seek out venture capital firms, angel investors, and accelerator programs to give you the boost you need. Remember, however, funding isn’t everything.


You need to be ready to scale your business and that doesn’t only mean having a successful product and a growing customer base. It also means having the infrastructure to support the sudden growth and subsequent increase in capacity.Depending on your product or service there is a range of infrastructure solutions. You may need more offices or a warehouse. As a pole barn builders you will find the solution to external capacity requirements. They can build custom metal and storage facilities for you in no time. 


Scaling your business also means increasing your capacities, both for infrastructure and for personnel. You need to be able to handle the new demands for your products and services. If it’s seasonal you may only need low-skilled staff to process quantity, 8n other cases you’ll want to hire more skilled workers.Finding the balance between skilled and unskilled personnel when your scaling is important as you need to effectively cover the work without overpaying wages. Start small and hire the personnel you need as you grow.


These days a business won’t grow without proper marketing, and with over three billion people now connected to the Internet that also means digital marketing. When scaling your business you want to make sure you have a strong digital presence and that customers are engaging with your brand. Plan various ads on popular search engines as well as social media sites and make sure you have an effective landing page. You want customers to have the most streamlined route into your sales funnel. When scaling your business in this way it’s easy to forget about quality in favor of quantity, be wary of this.

Customer Focus

Today businesses are intimately connected to their customers and often optimize their products and services based on feedback. Customers often interact with businesses and brands on social channels and expect a certain level of respect and communication. Make sure your online presence is transparent and that you’re ready to engage with your audience as you expand the business. Without this customer engagement, you might find that customers don’t respond in the way you expect and you will miss out on important and free market research.