Add These Departments To Your Business In The New Year

If you have noticed that something isn’t quite right in your business lately, you might be a little concerned. You might be a bit more concerned if you can’t quite figure out what the issue is. Well, the first thing that you need to consider is that you don’t have all the departments that you need to have a successful business. It might be the case that you think you have everything you need, but just take a look at this article and see if you have all of these departments included in your business. If not, you might want to think about adding them before you do anything else.

The first thing that we would suggest is that you get an accounting department. You might not need an entire department depending on how big your business is, you might just need one person. It doesn’t matter though, because you need someone to be running the numbers for you and making sure that you are within your budget. When you started your business, you might have thought that you would be able to take on this task, but you probably found that it takes more time than you thought.

This is why you need someone to run the money side of things for you. They can sit down with you at the end of each week or each month and discuss everything that is going on. This way, if you do need to make any changes to how much money your business is spending, you will be able to identify exactly where the big spending is happening. Your accountant will also be able to advise you here, and give you tips on what you can do to lower your business’ spend.



The next department that you need is IT. You don’t have to hire an entire team on a full-time basis, instead you can outsource this department. This will save you money while still providing you with the services that you need. A company like will be able to provide you with the services that you need. They make sure that if there are any network issues, that they are fixed before anyone in the company even notices!

You need to have the right levels of online security in place for your business to make sure that it is protected against any kind of threat that might be headed your way. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that everything is backed-up on a cloud server, so that if something does happen, you always have a copy.


Human Resources

The final department that we would suggest is human resources. They are going to be able to help you handle any legal matters, and any employee/employer issues that might take place in your business. This department will be able to advise you on matters that you need help with, to ensure that your business stays on the legal side of the line. It will also be useful if something does occur with one of your employees, and you need advice on how to handle it. You can find more information about the benefits of a HR team here

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and will consider adding these departments to your business in the new year, if you are having issues with your company.


When You Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Tampa

Life is full of ups and downs. It is like a highway in the mountains with twists and turns, big highs and steep lows. And things can change in a moment. One minute you are driving down the road, jamming out to your favorite song, and the next thing you know another car hits you! It is shocking and can be quite upsetting. If it is the first time you have been in an accident you don’t always know exactly what to do. Of course if there is an injury or a car is badly damaged you should call the police and no matter how small or minor you think it is you should always call your insurance company. You may even need to call a Personal injury attorney.

It might not be a car accident. Imagine one day you are walking through your neighborhood when out of nowhere a dog runs from between two houses and attacks and bites you. This actually happened to a friend of mine. In his case he was jogging and a large dog on a leash lunged at him and bit him as he ran past. You might think well, he should have given the dog some berth, and the interesting thing is, he did. However, the dog was stronger than the owner walking it, and pulled the owner as it lunged at my friend. He ended up with a huge gash in his leg! That is definitely a time when you may want to engage the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Now of course there are times when the incidents in our lives are minor and we can handle things on our own, but that is not always the case. If you have a minor incident and it can be handled with your insurance company or even between neighbors that is great. However there are times when people can be difficult to deal with, or the incident is something that requires medical intervention or loss of wages or even loss of physical abilities, no matter how impermanent.

If you live in the Tampa Florida area and find yourself in need, there is a Tampa personal injury lawyer you can contact to help you sort things out. They are professional and experienced and even better many of them have lived in Tampa for years, and even graduated from Tampa schools. It is definitely a plus to have an attorney who is thoroughly invested in the town you live in to represent you. They know the area, and the people. They understand the local and state laws best. They are possibly raising children there and feel a deep kinship with the community.

The staff at Kinney, Fernandez & Boire are these kind of attorneys. They live in the Tampa area and are dedicated to serving the citizens of Tampa with competence and compassion. They will work diligently to help you receive the damages your injury entitles you to within Florida law.

So if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you need to consult with and possibly hire a personal injury lawyer, you can contact the experienced, dedicated and compassionate staff at Kinney, Fernandez & Boire to represent you and help get your life back on track.

3 Business New Year’s Resolutions To Make in 2019

The new year is well and truly here and while many of our salaried friends are making the usual resolutions to watch what they eat or head down to the gym more often, those of us who run our own businesses will be making some resolutions of our own. A good business should be in a constant state of self-reflection and evaluation and the sense of renewal and rejuvenation that comes with the year, combined with an  infectious enthusiasm for change make now a great time to implement changes for the better. No matter how well your business is performing or how happy you are with your processes, there are still a wealth of opportunities available to you to help you to improve your operation and gain a crucial foothold in an increasingly unpredictable economic and business climate.

If you’re hungry for change but unsure how to affect it, here are some potential new years’ business resolutions which could make for a transformative 2019…


Invest your trust in outsourced services

If you’ve been reticent to trust outsourced service providers up until now, perhaps 2019 will be the year in which you take a leap of faith. While all entrepreneurs have a specific way in which they like things to be done, entrusting functions like HR, IT and digital marketing to outsourced service providers can be surprisingly cost effective while also easing the pressure on your employees to make for a more productive and harmonious working environment.

Check out the digital presences of quality outsourced service providers like and you’ll see that they are dedicated to working with you in ways that won’t compromise your business or your brand. Outsourcing simply allows you to focus more time and effort on doing what makes your business special and unique.


Trust your employees more

If you make one promise to yourself this year, it should be to afford yourself a greater work / life balance. You don’t benefit your business, your employees, your loved ones or yourself by becoming an obsessive workaholic. ‘

It’s understandable that your business is your baby and one of the hardest (but most important) lessons any parent has to learn is when to let go and entrust their baby to others. Trust your employees to keep the ship sailing in the right direction while you take a holiday or spend more time with your family. Fail to do this and you risk burning out which could have disastrous consequences for your business and your personal life.


Spend more time in your office

It’s admirable that you love to roll up your sleeves and join your employees at the coalface, mixing it up with customers and keeping a watchful eye on your employees. However, there’s a fine line between a hands-on boss and a relentless micromanager.

Try to spend more time in your office looking at your business from a macro perspective and looking at ways in which you can make your processes more efficient and your customer experience more pleasant.

By making the right changes now, you can lay a strong foundation for a happy and prosperous year!