I am a mean mom!

Some women say they are mean moms if they haven’t baked cookies for their kids, or made their sandwiches in the shape of a heart.  I know some moms who make their kids’ sandwiches and then cut off the crusts, and THEN use heart shaped cookie cutouts….really??????

Some moms bake for their kids….some moms put little love notes in their kids lunches that THE MOMS pack.  Some moms wake their kids up with hugs and kisses, and cuddles.

I am NOT one of those moms.

I am the mom who sleeps in after the kids are already up. (They get up at 5:45 and have to walk out the door to the bus at 6:45.)  I get up at 6:15, so I do get up before they leave for school. That way I can give them a hug and tell them to have a great day.  But if they oversleep I throw open their doors, and say, “I am NOT driving you to school….get your butt out of bed and get ready”    However, I am not a complete ogre.  If  they are really running late, I will help them out by packing their lunch…..minus the love notes and WITH the crust on the bread…….

My point is, I am a mean mom.

I spanked my kids when they were little.  Although I have to admit spankings never worked with The Genius.  He would just look at me after a spanking with a “Is that all you got?” look.  For him it was time outs and taking away toys.,  That was much more effective for him.

I made them eat vegetables.  I would say to them, “Eat your green beans, or you will go to bed.”  And then I would put them to bed if they didn’t eat the green beans.

My 15 tear old does have a cell phone, however, he pays his own bill every month.  If he cannot pay his bill because he didn’t do his chores, he gets no phone.  It comes to me.  In my house if you can’t pay for your cell phone bill yourself, you don’t get a cell phone.

My kids don’t have tvs in their rooms.  They share a computer that is in the family room.  I block access to certain websites, and I monitor what they do on the computer.  I also read their texts and I know their Facebook passwords and check their messages.  Basically my kids have limited privacy.

I make them do chores, and pay them their “age” each week for completed chores.  So the 16 year old makes $16.00, the 14 year old $14.00, etc.  If they do not complete their chores for the day I do not pay them for that day.  Oh, and when the 16 year old gets a job I will stop his allowance, but he will still need to do some basic chores to contribute to the community in which he lives.  I figure if he eats my groceries, uses my electricity and hot water, he can empty the dishwasher and take out the trash……

I believe in tough love. I believe it is my job to turn these young, beautiful creatures who lack much in skills, common sense and responsibility into mature, respectful, responsible, capable human beings before I turn them loose on the world.  And I take my job very seriously.

In short, I am a meanie. So if you are a mean (which really means a caring, tough loving, turning them into responsible adults) parent, then unite with me!!!  We shall be honest about who we are and stand up for what we believe in!!!!!!  “Mean” is good!!

The past with my kids

lots  and lots of baking here tonight……am exhausted…will post the pics tomorrow!!  🙂


In the meantime, enjoy some of my past holiday photos!

The Genius at a Holiday school pageant. 2nd grade I do believe.
Sooo excited to get Webkinz….3rd grade.
Grandpa Harry (my dad) reading Twas the Night Before Christmas. Christmas Eve 2001. On vacation in Puerto Rico.
Christmas Tree 2009
The boys and Bluebell making a Gingerbread house. 2008.
Gingerbread house making.
showing off my loot 2009.


Born this way

We are all born a certain way.  With a certain genetic code that decides what color hair we will have, will it be straight or curly, how tall will we be, how stout will we be.  It tells us what color eyes we will have, hazel, green, brown or blue.  Or in the case of my friend Tanja, one blue and one brown.  Actually, Tanja has one blue eye and her other eye is half brown and half blue.  It is impossible NOT to look her in the eyes.  Our DNA decides if we will be born with all of our body parts and brains fully functioning, or if we are missing a chromosome, or piece of DNA it decides if we will have Down’s Syndrome, or autism, or any number of other myriad of genetic birth defects.

That being said, what about gender and sex?  Of course we know our gender and sex are determined by our DNA.  But what about sexual orientation?
Many people will say that people CHOOSE to be gay or straight.  Many say they are born gay or straight.  I am not a scholar and I have not done enough research to determine if the scientific data supports either theory.  All I can tell you is what people have told me.

I wrote last week about how I was on a panel of LGBT people for a class at church.  Our church teaches sexuality classes using a curriculum called Our Whole Lives.  It is a wonderful curriculum that is age appropriate and divided into age groups such as 4-5 grade, 7-9 grade, 10-12 grade as well as adult classes.  We are currently teaching a 7-9 grade class, and there is a session that is a guest panel of LGBT people.  This session is the final session of the group of sessions discussing sexual orientation, gender, and stereotypes.  I invited a young man who is 19 and came out as a gay male the summer before his senior year of high school, a young lady who came out a few weeks ago (she is a senior in high school) and a young man who is a senior and who has not completely come out yet, just to some friends.  I decided I would put myself on the panel as a “back up” in case any of the young people didn’t show up.  I prefer to have young people on the panel because they relate well to 7-9 grade kids.
It was prior to that class that I had the discussion about exactly what my sexuality is and one of the people I was talking to told me about Pansexuality.

I was very intrigued by what one of the guests on the panel had to say when he told his story.  I am going to call him “GQ Dude”.  If you have ever seen the handsome men on the cover of that magazine, you will get the picture. GQ Dude is 19 years old.  He is very handsome and is NOTHING like a stereotypical gay male.  He is athletic.  He is not flamboyant at all.  As a matter of fact he is not someone I would ever guess is gay if I were to meet him for the first time.  I actually knew who this young man was, because he dated The NewYorRican’s daughter for a short time a few years ago.  His family lives in my neighborhood.  I had never met him personally, but I knew his mom and dad.  Very nice people!
GQ Dude was kind enough to come to the GLBT panel for my 7-9 graders, and he told us his story.  He told us that after years of trying to fool himself by dating lots of young ladies, he came out the summer before his senior year.  He said his friends all but abandoned him, and the church where his family had been worshiping for years turned their backs on him.  He was told he was “going to Hell”, and that they could “love him, but not his sin.”  He told us about how he spent weeks inside the house because his friends would not speak to him or answer his calls.  He felt alone,betrayed and abandoned.  All because he decided to be honest about who he is.

It was at that point that he stopped himself, and said, “You know, I hear people say that gay people choose to be gay, but I am here to tell you that is not true.  Why would I choose this lifestyle?  Choose being discriminated against?  Choose a lifestyle that made my friends and church family abandon me?  Choose an orientation where I can’t even walk down the street holding my boyfriend’s hand? Who would choose that? Nobody would.”

GQ Dude articulated the thoughts that I believe MANY GLBT people have had.  Why in the world would we CHOOSE to be born that way?  A life of discrimination, ridicule and being treated differently?  A life where you can’t have a legally binding civil union or marriage (or whatever term you prefer to use) in most of the 50 states in this country.  A lifestyle where you get bullied and picked on in school.

These are questions that anyone who feels being gay is a choice should ask themselves.  It would be much easier to be heterosexual. I think GQ Dude is absolutely right!!  You Go Dude!!

However, as my friend Lady GaGa says,