Dese nuts- a healthy alternative to snacking

Now I know that the phrase “dese nuts” has a meaning that may make you giggle, smirk or even snort, but for my purposes today dese nuts are what I am going to be talking about…, not like that, but in a different way.

I want to talk about Nuts. You know, the kind we eat…..the yummy kind….the delicious kind….the healthy kind.

If you have followed my blog at all, then you know about my journey to healthier, cleaner eating. 


What you may not know is that about a year ago I added vegan, gluten free nutrition products from my health and wellness company to the mix of food in my life. I have a health and wellness company and work with Arbonne International to market and sell these products. In addition I empower people with my business by giving them financial freedom, and improve their self esteem and worth by helping them look and feel better physically.

One of the ways I do that is by inviting people to participate in a 30 days of Healthy Living Program with me. This is a program that helps people remove toxins from their bodies by removing foods that can be allergenic (whether we know it or not) such as gluten, dairy, soy, white starches, corn, and processed sugar. It is interesting to me, (a person who didn’t think I had any food allergies), how much better I felt overall when I removed these foods. And I lost weight also, which made it a win win.

Probably my biggest problem prior to finding this program was snacking. I would grab a bag of chips, or pita chips, or popcorn, etc. What I found was that these snacks really didn’t do much to curb my appetite and I ate more. However, what I found through  the program was how much I love nuts as a snack! I used to be a peanut butter junkie, but on the 30 days program we can’t have peanuts, just tree nuts. I was bummed at first, but you know what I found out? I fell in love with almond butter and cashew butter. Also, I never used to like almonds, but when I took processed sugar out of my diet I found that almonds were super sweet and delicious, and just one handful filled me up and kept me satisfied! Who woulda thunk it??? Not me!

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Also, I didn’t even know this until recently, but this is also Men’s Health Month. So for all you men out there: Happy Father’s Day (if it applies), and Happy Healthy Month Day. A great snack for you is nuts! Unsalted nuts are a great snacking food that contain many health benefits. Nuts like Brazil nuts, almonds, and cashews have all been considered to help reduce the risk of heart disease and can lower your LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. Nuts are also filled with magnesium and selenium, both of which are powerful antioxidants that can aid in prostate health. YAY!!!!

AND just to make things easier, you can not only get them a your local grocery store, but you can get them at 

nuts.com_mens_health_5tips_x2_v02-1When I searched “healthy” on their website I got over 300 hits!! They also have coffee and tea, and (although not okay for the 30 day program, but okay any other month) when I searched “chocolate” I got over 1000 hits!! WOOHOO!

I suggest you check them out if you want some healthy alternatives to high calorie, empty calorie unfulfilling snacks in your day. And if you want any information about my 30 days to Healthy Living Program and how I can help you feel and look better just leave me a message and I will be sure to get back with you asap.