Some awesome things I never knew about Australia

Disclosure: This post has been compensated by Diamond Bloggers. All opinions are mine.

I have traveled outside the country and have had the pleasure of getting to know other cultures and see some gorgeous places. One of the countries I would love to visit is Australia. I have always wanted to travel there, and after watching Crocodile Dundee I wanted to go even more.

I mean I had always heard about the amazing aboriginal culture, and the heat and the snakes and the desert and of course the crocs, but I also wanted to know about things I hadn’t learned through movies and TV shows. So I started doing some research on Australia and was amazed by some things I learned.

First of all by watching tv I thought that Aussies drank Fosters lager, a most tasty  drink if I do say so myself. But in fact Foster’s is not seen much in Australia and the favorite beer is dependent on geographic areas of the country.

Did you know that Australia is only slightly smaller then the Continental United States? I don’t know why but I have always thought of Australia as a smaller country, but in fact it is quite large.What is small is the population as compared to the land mass is quite small when compared to the USA, China and Brazil.  While those countries all have at least 20 people per kilometer, Australia only has 2.66. In fact even China and Russia which are huge land masses by comparison have more people per kilometer than Australia.

It is a very diverse country, with our 200 languages spoken by its citizens. There are some political problems at times as well, butI think that can be said of a great many countries around the world. IN fact here in the US we have been dealing with some political turmoil the past few years and even months ourselves. No country is immune to political situations, however, it does not mean those countries are not lovely laces in which to live or visit.

Woman power! Australia was the second country in the world to give women the right to vote! IN Australia when were given the right to vote in 1902, almost 20 years prior to the United States. They were even allowed to be in Parliament at that point. In fact that have already had their first woman Prime Minister from 2010 to 2013.

Higher education is an important part of Aussie culture and recently the government has announced a range of reforms to higher education in their country. This is currently being hotly debated and is an issue of concern for many in Australia.

Are you a beach bum? Then you should definitely consider visiting Australia. Australia has the most beaches of any country  in the world. I suppose this wouldn’t come as a huge surprise given that it is the largest Island in the world. Australian beaches are listed on quite a few of the “best beaches” in the worlds lists , and I for one plan on enjoying some food on the barbie on a beautiful Australian beach while sipping a cold drink (but apparently NOT a Foster’s).

If travel is something you enjoy, Australia might be a place you would want to visit also. Lots to see and do and learn as you roam around this gorgeous country!