A History of Gay Marriage in the United States

I started blogging in 2010.  Somewhere in the first year I was blogging I ran across a Blog called “Doorknobs that Lock”.  You have to read the very first post that S wrote to understand the meaning of that one.  🙂 I was intrigued because they, S and E were two women who met after S had a child and he was 10 years old.  They met, fell in love, and got married in a few years.  Their son M is in scouts like Joe Cool and is the same age as Joe Cool.  We had so much in common and I have followed her over the years.  She is even in my Blog Roll. S has been tracking the history of states allowing same sex unions and marriages over the past 10 years, and has compiled a wonderful list with details.  So I asked her if I could use her history of gay marriage in the united states on my blog and she agreed!!  So without further ado, here is the roundup, as written by S.  Check out her blog too, it is cute, and funny, and interesting.  All the things a blog should be.  And she always has awesome pictures on her blog!!!

gay wedding

Carol over at Coffee, Clutter and Chaos asked if I could do a roundup of all the marriage blog entries. Thanks for asking! It’s the perfect opportunity for me to ignore the impending blizzard and exercise my Type-A personality to its max, and so I decided to make as comprehensive a listing as I could of the evolving legal landscape of same-sex relationship recognition in the US. Not only that, I decided to do it 2 different ways. This is the state-by-state version; a timeline version is in the post above. The “more” links refer back to the more detailed blog posts I’ve written about many of these changes.

Alabama : marriages began 09-Feb-2015 more

Alaska : marriages began 12-Oct-2014 more

Arizona : marriages began 17-Oct-2014 more

Arkansas: marriages began 12-May-2014 more
Arkansas: marriages halted 16-May-2014

California : domestic partnerships began 02-Oct-1999
California : marriages began 16-Jun-2008
California : marriages halted 05-Nov-2008
California : marriages resumed 28-Jun-2013

Colorado : designated beneficiary agreements began 01-Jul-2009
Colorado : civil unions began 01-May-2013
Colorado : marriages began 06-Oct-2014 more

Connecticut : civil unions began 01-Oct-2005
Connecticut : marriages began 12-Nov-2008 more

Delaware : civil unions began 01-Jan-2012 more
Delaware : marriages began 01-Jul-2013 more

Florida : marriages began 06-Jan-2015 more

Georgia: no legal recognition

Hawaii : reciprocal beneficiary registration began 08-Jul-1997
Hawaii : civil unions began 01-Jan-2012 more
Hawaii : marriages began 02-Dec-2013 more

Idaho : marriages began 10-Oct-2014 more

Illinois : civil unions began 01-Jun-2011 more
Illinois : marriages began 01-Jun-2014 more

Indiana : marriages began 26-Jun-2014 more
Indiana : marriages halted 27-Jun-2014
Indiana : marriages resumed 07-Oct-2014 more

Iowa : marriages began 24-Apr-2009

Kansas : marriages began 10-Oct-2014 more

Kentucky: no legal recognition

Louisiana: no legal recognition

Maine : domestic partnerships began 30-Jul-2004
Maine : marriages began 29-Dec-2012 more

Maryland : domestic partnerships began 01-Jul-2008
Maryland : marriages began 01-Jan-2013 more

Massachusetts : marriages began 17-May-2004

Michigan: marriages began 22-Mar-2014 more
Michigan: marriages halted 22-Mar-2014

Minnesota : marriages began 01-Aug-2013 more

Mississippi: no legal recognition

Missouri: no legal recognition

Montana : marriages began 19-Nov-2014 more

Nebraska: no legal recognition

Nevada : domestic partnerships began 01-Oct-2009 more
Nevada : marriages began 09-Oct-2014 more

New Hampshire : civil unions began 01-Jan-2008
New Hampshire : marriages began 01-Jan-2010 more

New Jersey : domestic partnerships began 30-Jul-2004
New Jersey : civil unions began 19-Feb-2007
New Jersey : marriages began 21-Oct-2013 more

New Mexico : marriages began 19-Dec-2013 more

New York : domestic partnerships began 03-Feb-2006
New York : marriages began 24-Jul-2011 more

North Carolina : marriages began 10-Oct-2014 more

North Dakota: no legal recognition

Ohio: no legal recognition

Oklahoma : marriages began 06-Oct-2014 more

Oregon : domestic partnerships began 04-Feb-2008
Oregon : marriages began 19-May-2014 more

Pennsylvania : marriages began 20-May-2014

Rhode Island : civil unions began 02-Jul-2011 more
Rhode Island : marriages began 01-Aug-2013 more

South Carolina : marriages began 20-Nov-2014 more

South Dakota: no legal recognition

Tennessee: no legal recognition

Texas: no legal recognition

Utah : marriages began 20-Dec-2013 more
Utah : marriages halted 06-Jan-2014
Utah : marriages resumed 06-Oct-2014 more

Vermont : civil unions began 01-Jul-2000
Vermont : marriages began 01-Sep-2009 more

Virginia : marriages began 06-Oct-2014 more

Washington: domestic partnerships began 22-Jul-2007
Washington : marriages began 06-Dec-2012 more

Washington DC : domestic partnerships began 11-Jun-1992
Washington DC : marriages began 03-Mar-2010

West Virginia : marriages began 09-Oct-2014 more

Wisconsin : domestic partnerships began 03-Aug-2009 more
Wisconsin : marriages began 06-Jun-2014 more
Wisconsin : marriages halted 13-Jun-2014
Wisconsin : marriages resumed 06-Oct-2014 more

Wyoming : marriages began 21-Oct-2014 more